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Assigning keywords to files

Keywords (identifying text) are used by search utilities to locate files and by file management programs to organize them. In Bridge, you can create keywords and assign them to your files. You can also locate files in Bridge by using the Find command with Keywords as a search criterion or by checking the desired keywords under the Keywords category in the Filter panel.

To create and assign keywords to files

Method 1 (via the Keywords panel)★

  1. In the Keywords panel, you can create keywords in sets (categories). Select an existing set or create a new one by clicking the New Keyword Set button,keyword_new_set_button.jpg then typing a set name.
  2. To create a new keyword, click a set name, then click the New Keyword button.keyword_new_word_button.jpg Enter one keyword, or enter a series of keywords separated by commas.A
  3. To assign a keyword to an image, click an image thumbnail (or select multiple thumbnails), then click the box to the left of a keyword to make a check mark appear.B
    • To rename a keyword or set, click the word or set, choose Rename from the Keywords panel menu, then type a name.
    • To remove a keyword or set, click the word or set, click the Delete Keyword button, keyword_delete_button.jpg then click Yes in the alert dialog box.
    • You can drag any keyword into a different set.

Method 2 (via File Info)

  1. Select one or more thumbnails.
  2. Choose File > File Info (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I/Cmd-Option-Shift-I). The File Info dialog box will open, giving you access to the file’s metadata.
  3. In the categories column at the left, click Description.
  4. In the Keywords field, enter the desired keywords, separated by commas.
  5. Click OK.
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