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Opening files from Bridge

You can open as many files in Photoshop as currently available RAM and scratch disk space allow. (Note: To open a Raw, JPEG, or TIFF digital photo into Camera Raw, see Chapter 15.)

To open files from Bridge

  1. In the Folders panel, navigate to the file you want to open. Scroll upward or downward, expand/collapse any folder by clicking the arrowhead, or open and display the contents of a folder by clicking its thumbnail. You can also choose from a list of Favorites or Recent Folders on the Look In menu at the top of the Bridge window, or click a folder that you’ve placed in the Favorites panel.
    • To display the contents of a folder, double-click the folder thumbnail in the Content panel.
    • To move up a level in the current folder hierarchy, click the Go Up button go_up_button.jpg at the top of the Bridge window.
  2. In the Content panel, click an image thumbnail (a file format that Photoshop can open). The thumbnail will now have a colored border, a preview will appear in the Preview panel, and data about the file will be listed in the Metadata panel. (To select multiple images, Ctrl-click/Cmd-click nonconsecutive thumbnails;A or click the first thumbnail in a series of consecutive thumbnails, then Shift-click the last.)
    • If an image has a number in the upper left corner, it’s part of a stack (grouping of thumbnails). You can click the top image thumbnail in a stack to open just that image. To select other images in a stack, see page 74.
  3. Double-click any thumbnail (it can be one of the thumbnails you selected) or press Ctrl-O/Cmd-O. Photoshop will launch, if it isn’t already running, and the image(s) will appear onscreen. See also “Dealing with the ifs” on page 82.
    • By default, the Bridge window stays open after you use it to open a file. To minimize/close the Bridge window as you open a file, hold down Alt/Option as you double-click a thumbnail.
    • If a file has been opened and modified already in Camera Raw, you’ll see this icon bridge_crw_badge.jpg in the top right corner of its thumbnail.

What lies ahead in this chapter

There’s so much more to Bridge than simply clicking a thumbnail or two and opening a file! Starting on the next page, you can learn how to customize your Bridge window. Or to help you keep your sanity when faced with the ever-increasing number of digital images you’ll be working with, turn to pages 72–73, where we show you how to label, sort, and filter out your image thumbnails.

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