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Examining thumbnails★

To compare two thumbnails in the Preview panel★

  1. In Bridge, to display a large Preview panel, choose Horizontal Filmstrip or Vertical Filmstrip from one of the workspace menus.
  2. In the Content panel, click a thumbnail, then Shift-click the prior or next thumbnail or Ctrl-click/Cmd-click any other thumbnail.
  3. Large versions of the two selected thumbnails will display in the Preview panel.
    • Ctrl-click/Cmd-click to add more thumbnails to the panel. Ctrl-click/Cmd-click a selected thumbnail in the Content panel to deselect it and remove it from the Preview panel.

To examine picture details using a loupe★

  1. Click a thumbnail in the Preview panel or in a Filmstrip layout. The loupe will display.B
  2. Click an area to view it close up in the loupe. By default, pixels display in the loupe at 100% view (the zoom level is listed below the preview). Press + to zoom in on the loupe display or - to zoom out. Click another area or drag the loupe to examine another area of the image.
  3. Optional: If you’re previewing two thumbnails, click the other preview thumbnail to display a second loupe. If you Ctrl-drag/Cmd-drag either loupe, they’ll move simultaneously, enabling you to compare a similar area in both images.
  4. Click on the loupe to remove it.
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