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Filtering the display of thumbnails

If you assign thumbnails a star rating and/or color label, you’ll be able to display them based on the presence or absence of that rating or label and find them easily via the Filter panel and Find command.

To label and rate thumbnails

  1. Select one or more thumbnails in the Content panel (Ctrl-click/Cmd-click nonconsecutive thumbnails, or click, then Shift-click consecutive thumbnails).
  2. Do any of the following:

OK, so not every photo you take is perfect. You can apply a rating of Reject to the image thumbnails that you want to hide from the Content panel but aren’t quite ready to delete from your hard drive.

To reject files★

  1. Select one or more image thumbnails.
  2. Choose Label > Reject (Alt-Del/Option-Delete). The thumbnails will be rated and hidden.

To redisplay all rejected thumbnails★

Choose View > Show Reject Files. All thumbnails that have a Reject rating will redisplay and the word “Reject” will be listed above each file name.E

  • In the Ratings category in the Filter panel, check (click) Reject to display only the files in the current folder that have a Reject rating.
  • To remove a Reject rating from a selected thumbnail or thumbnails, choose Label > No Rating (Ctrl-0/Cmd-0).

The sorting order you choose from the new Filter panel ★ affects the order in which thumbnails display in the Content panel. Criteria you check in the main part of the Filter panel, which lists data specific to files in the current folder, control which thumbnails display. By choosing a sorting order and by checking the desired filter criteria, you’ll be able to locate the files you need more quickly and efficiently. The sorting order of thumbnails is also important for batch and automate operations, as these commands process files based on the current sequence of thumbnails.

The current sorting order applies to all folders and thumbnails that are displayed in Bridge, not to one specific folder.

To choose a sorting method★

  1. From the menu at the top of the Filter panel, double-arrowhead.jpg choose a sorting order (such as By Date Created or By Document Type).A Thumbnails will rearrange themselves in the Content panel.
  2. Click the arrowhead to toggle the sort between Ascending Order arrowhead.jpg and Descending Order.down_arrowhead.jpg

By checking specific criteria in the Filter panel, such as label, star rating, file type, date created, date modified, orientation, etc., you can control which thumbnails display in any given folder. To display, a thumbnail must match all checked criteria.

To display thumbnails based on category★

  1. Open a folder of images in Bridge.
  2. If the Filter panel isn’t showing, choose the Default workspace from any workspace menu.
  3. Check (click) a listing within a category to display thumbnails that match that criterion.B To display thumbnails that match additional criteria, check other listings in the same category. To narrow the selection of thumbnails that display, check a listing in a different category.
  4. To remove a check mark from the Filter panel, click the listing again. Hidden thumbnails will redisplay.
    • To apply the current check marks as you display other folders, click the Keep Filter When Browsing keep_filters_icon.jpg button at the bottom of the Filter panel.
    • To remove all check marks from the Filter panel for the current folder, click the Clear clear_filters_icon.jpg Filter button at the bottom of the panel (Ctrl-Alt-A/Cmd-Option-A).
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