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Add Tables

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Extra Bits

Add a Table p. 46

  • The first time you use the Table dialog box it's set for three rows and columns. After that it displays the settings used for the last table you created.
  • Setting the border thickness at 1 or 2 pixels (or 0 as in our example) creates a cleaner, more open look.
  • Use the Table dialog box's Accessibility section to create an explanatory Caption that is read aloud by special audio Web browsers for visually impaired visitors. If needed, add details in the Summary field.
  • Table cells can hold images, as well as text: The steps for inserting images into a cell are the same as those on page 27.

Select, Change Table Parts p. 48

  • If you're having trouble selecting a table, click the <table> tag down in the status bar.
  • To split a single cell into two cells, right-click inside it, and in the context menu choose Table > Split Cell.

Import Tabular Data p. 52

  • Before importing, use your spreadsheet or word-processing program to save the data in comma- or tab-delimited form.
  • Instead of using the Import Tabular Data button in the Data tab, you also can choose Insert > Table Objects > Import Tabular Data.

Sort Tables p. 55

  • By default, the Options in the Sort Table dialog box are not checked, since you seldom want the header or footer included in the sort.
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