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Searching for files

To find files via Bridge

  1. In Bridge, choose Edit > Find (Ctrl-F/Cmd-F). The Find dialog box opens.A
  2. From the Look In menu, choose a folder to search through. To select a folder that’s not on the list, choose Look In > Browse, locate the desired folder, then click OK/Choose.
  3. From the menus in the Criteria area, choose search criteria (e.g., file name, date created, label, rating, camera settings, etc.), choose a parameter from the adjoining menu, and enter data in the field. To include additional criteria in the search, click the plus_button.jpg, then choose/enter more search criteria.
  4. From the Match menu, choose “If any criteria are met” to find files based on one or more criteria, or choose “If all criteria are met” to narrow the selection to files that meet all the chosen criteria.
  5. Check Include All Subfolders to search all subfolders within the folder you chose in step 2.
  6. Optional: Check Include Non-indexed Files to search through files that Bridge hasn’t yet indexed (any folder Bridge has yet to display). This will make the search run more slowly.
  7. Do either of the following:
    • To copy the search results and send them to a temporary folder called Search Results, click Find. The files will display in the Content panel and the Search Results folder will appear on the Recent Folders list, which you can access from the Look In menu at the top of the Bridge window. Each time you perform a search and click Find, another generic Search Results listing appears on the menu, with no hint as to its content. This quickly becomes confusing.
    • To save a copy of the search results to a permanent file group, click Save as Collection.★ In the Save Collection dialog box, enter a Name, choose a location (the current folder is okay), then click Save; the files will display in the Content panel. Navigate to the folder you chose for the collection; a Collect thumbnail bearing the name you entered will display in the Content panel. Double-click the thumbnail to rerun the search and view the search results.
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