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Getting Started

Here’s how to get started on the effect:

  1. Open the photo that you want to use with this effect. I have used a landscape orientation photograph that will be folded into six panels. Duplicate the background layer by choosing Layer, Duplicate Layer and click OK. Turn off the layer visibility icon for the Background layer.
  2. Add some extra canvas around the image by choosing Image > Canvas Size and clicking the middle of the nine Anchor points. Select the Relative checkbox and add a small amount of space around the image. For example, for a 7 x 5-inch image, add 2 inches to the Width and Height. Click OK to add the extra canvas (see Figure 1).
    Figure 1

    Figure 1 To make room around the photo so you can warp its edges, add some extra canvas.

  3. To alter the edges of the photo so they’re not square, use the Liquify filter. Choose Filter > Liquify and select the Forward Warp Tool in the top left of the screen. Select a large brush size and, working across the top edge of the image, start at a position one-third of the way across and pull the edge gently up by using the Forward Warp Tool. At the two-thirds mark, pull down slightly.
  4. Along the right edge, pull the image out at the halfway position and do this again halfway down the left edge, pulling outward here, too.
  5. Across the bottom, push the edge up at a position one-third in from the left edge and push it down at a position two-thirds in from the left edge.
  6. Reduce the brush size and push again on all these points to create a sharper distortion in the edge. Reduce the brush size again and continue to refine these points until they are smooth but obvious.
  7. Switch to a large brush size and then push or pull on the corners of the image to get a very subtle change so the corners aren’t perfectly square (see Figure 2). When you are done you can save the mesh so you can use it later on by clicking the Save Mesh button. Click OK to return to editing in Photoshop.
    Figure 2

    Figure 2 The Liquify Filter lets you warp the edges of your image so it will look like it has been folded.

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