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Looking for a little more flexibility in your Dreamweaver workspace? By default, the Insert bar (previously known as the Objects panel in earlier versions of Dreamweaver), is all by its lonesome. But it doesn't have to remain unattached. When you're working in the Dreamweaver MX workspace or HomeSite/Coder Style workspace, you can drag it down to the extended Property inspector by the gripper (those tiny little dots to the left of the Panel group name) and free up the top part of the screen. Or you can swing the other way and bring the Property inspector up to the Insert bar's neck of the woods. You cannot, however, dock the Insert bar (or the Property inspector for that matter) with any of the other Panel groups that are on the side of the workspace. On the other hand, the Insert bar and Property inspector can be docked with a Panel group that is floating footloose and fancyfree.

Figure7.11Figure 7.11

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