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Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips: Maximum Acceleration

Be the envy of all your friends when you master Macromedia Dreamweaver MX using this guide. Well, that envy part may never happen, but look at the smattering of 28 quick tips to help make your efforts in Dreamweaver MX even more simple.
This chapter is from the book

Two web developer guys meet for lunch one Tuesday afternoon. "I need a vacation. Everything lately has been work, work, work...", complains the first guy. The second guy says, "I know the feeling. I can't wait until next month. I'm going to Jamaica for a couple of weeks." The other developer responds, "Hey, that's not fair. You work on as many sites as I do. How can you afford to take the time off?" The second guy, looks down and notices Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips sticking out of his briefcase and quickly pushes the briefcase under the table and—with a very big grin—he then replies, "I must work faster than you do." During lunch, the first guy gripes about typical web development woes while the second guy just smiles and nods.

Hey, it could happen! This chapter is special—well they're all special but this one is different—because this chapter is like a box of chocolates. That's right, you never know what you're going to get. You just might find that perfect tip that you didn't even know you were looking for that frees up so much of your time that you can afford to take that vacation you've been wanting. You never know; stranger things have happened! Send me an email if you need a good travel agent...


How many times has this happened to you? You highlight a bunch of paragraphs in Word and copy 'em. Switch to Dreamweaver and click paste. Yikes! All your nicely laid out paragraphs come in as one big block. Truth is, you haven't lost all your formatting—Dreamweaver interprets a single paragraph return as a line-break tag, <br>. Two returns, however, are changed to paragraph tags. So the moral is this: If you're copying multiple paragraphs from your word processing document, make sure your paragraphs are separated by two returns.

Bonus Tip! Change a <br> tag to a surrounding <p> in one move: With Invisible Elements turned on, select the <br> symbol and press Enter (Return)—the line-break is gone and the text is now wrapped in a paragraph tag.

Figure7.1Figure 7.1

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