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You never know when users have fiddled with their browser settings and decided to disable JavaScript. The <noscript> tag will let you present those users with a special message only for them. Switch to the Script category of the Insert bar and then click in the body of the document where you want the message to display—near the top is usually a good spot so that it is seen the moment the page is loaded. Click the noscript icon—the one in the middle—and the Tag Editor dialog will appear. If you've never used the <noscript> tag, you may want to click Tag Info in the lower right of the dialog to display a description and example of the <noscript> tag. Enter your message in the text area and if you'd like, switch to the Style Sheet/Accessibility category on the left, fill out the values on the right, and then click OK.

Figure7.20Figure 7.20

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