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Here's one of the coolest tricks I know—if you've ever tried to rescale an image already in your web page, you're gonna love it too. You'll need Fireworks 3 or better to make it work, but this one technique is worth the price of the whole program. I'm sure you know that you can resize an image in Dreamweaver by dragging the lower-right corner, right? (Be sure to hold down the Shift key while dragging to keep the original height-to-width ratio.) Resizing an image this way is purely a visual experience—and not a very good one at that. Dreamweaver is not a graphics editor, but it has a direct line to a great one: Fireworks. After you've resized the image so that it's picture perfect, choose Commands > Optimize Image in Fireworks. If you have the original PNG source file available, use it so that you get the best quality; but if not, a GIF or JPEG will work. When the Optimize Images dialog opens, switch to the File tab and presto! Your Dreamweaver-drawn dimensions are locked and loaded—all you need do is click the Update button and you're done. The Fireworks-in-Dreamweaver engine optimizes the graphic and replaces the original. You'll even find that the <img> tag includes the new width and height values. Schweeeet!

Figure7.3Figure 7.3

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