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Even if your web page isn't filled with images of clowns and assorted jokers, you still can position your text so that it's "stuck in the middle" between two graphics. First, put your two images right next to each other on the page. Then, use the Property inspector to set the Align property of the one on the left to Left and—bet you saw this coming—the Align property for the one on the right to Right. Make sure you're using the Align drop-down list and not the align icons. Dreamweaver will instantly place the two graphics on opposing sides, leaving a very inviting empty space in the middle. Don't waste another second—fill that void with your (or your client's) golden words. This is great for those Greek column layouts you've been dying to do. If you've got Invisible Elements enabled, you might see a symbol representing the anchor points for one or both <img> tags. They're safe to ignore (choose View > Visual Aids > Invisible Elements to hide them if you want), but don't delete them, whatever you do. If you zap 'em, your images will go too.

Figure7.7Figure 7.7

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