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Achieving and Enhancing Gameplay in Game Design
Jan 23, 2004
In this excerpt from their book, "Game Architecture and Design," Andrew Rollings and Dave Morris examine gameplay—what it means, how to achieve it, and how to enhance it.
Enabling Technologies for Mobile Gaming
Jan 9, 2004
To demonstrate key technologies that will enable mobile gaming to conquer its audience, Jouni Paavilainen looks behind the scenes of a fictional game called The Plot.
Logon Scripts: Using KiXtart and.ini Files
Dec 19, 2003
Anybody who manages user accounts knows the advantage of automating the task. The last thing you want to do is visit every desktop to ensure that the users' Windows computers are set up to work properly with your network. One common way to get around this is to use batch files and scripts to smooth the process. Matthew Moran shows you an easy way to gain control of user logons with Kixtart, a free-format scripting language.
The Java Media API In Practice
Dec 5, 2003
Good vibrations! The creative use of sounds can make a game light-years more interesting than similar games with no noise. Designing and adding sounds can be a hard but rewarding job. Mikko Kontio points out some of the key issues of adding sounds to MIDP 2.0 applications, along with resources to help you in your task.
Game Programming: Action-Oriented AI
Nov 26, 2003
Daniel Sanchez-Crespo provides an overview of AI methods used in fast-paced action games. He reviews general techniques, and then does a case-by-case analysis on fighting games, racing simulators, and so on, providing insider information on many popular algorithms.
Game Character Path Finding in Java
Sep 12, 2003
David Brackeen shows you how to move a creature or one of the player's characters in your game world using Java.
First Things First, Second, and Third: It's About Repetition in Game Audio
Jul 25, 2003
George "The Fat Man" Sanger presents his thoughts on the repetitive nature of game audio and what can be done to address the problem.
Attempting to Define Gameplay
Jul 4, 2003
The final definition of gameplay is there is no definition of gameplay. Learn how gameplay is not a sigular entity but rather a combination of many elements and how its definition moves from defining a term to explaining a concept.
Getting an Idea for a New Game
May 9, 2003
Professional game designer Andrew Rollings discusses various ways you can come up with great ideas for your next game project.
JavaScript and Dreamweaver Behaviors
May 2, 2003
Combine Dreamweaver and JavaScript with a dash of Fireworks and what do you get? Maximize your JavaScript with the help of Dreamweaver MX and learn how these two interact.
Optimizing JavaScript for Execution Speed
Apr 25, 2003
Work through an optimization process and speed up your web site. Learn how to improve your JavaScript by choosing the right algorithm and data structure, refactoring to simplify code, minimizing DOM and I/O interaction, and using local optimizations last.
Optimizing JavaScript for Download Speed
Apr 18, 2003
Learn how to put your JavaScripts on a low-char diet through techinques such as crunching and obfuscation, and also find the right balance between size and speed, or between features and responsiveness for your scripts.
Writing REALbasic Code
Apr 11, 2003
Learn how to control your objects' behavior by exploring REALbasic's syntax and Code Editor. Walk through an HTML editor example and by the end of this sample chapter, you will be able to write your own REALbasic code.
Creating Scrolling Screens for Flash Games
Apr 4, 2003
Using Flash, you can build scrolling screens into your games for players to move through. Matthew David walks you through the process.
Game Development with Flash
Mar 28, 2003
In this age of Internet gaming, Matthew David tells why you need only one tool for building online games: Macromedia Flash MX.
Developing a ColdFusion/J2EE Solution
Mar 7, 2003
Learn how to create a project blueprint to eliminate the possibility for changes in the architecture during development, and to help development go as smoothly as possible.
3D Modeling Basics
Jan 17, 2003
Through theory and then tutorials, Mark Giambruno introduces you to basic modeling tools and also offers suggestions for planning out the best modeling approach and developing good work habits.
Flash Game Design: Trigonometry 101
Jan 17, 2003
Brush up on the basics of trigonometry, which should handle almost every Flash game development need you'll have.
The Flash MX Game Design Plan: From Idea to Design
Jan 10, 2003
This sample chapter discusses one game-design process that can help you structure your ideas and build your game intelligently and efficiently. This simple design process will help you plan for every part of the game.
First Steps of Flash Game Design
Jan 3, 2003
This sample chapter discusses the most common Flash game genres, their terminology, and Flash's capabilities as a game-development environment.

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