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Mac OS X Server Essentials v10.6: Using File Services
Dec 2, 2009
This chapter addresses the topic of using Mac OS X Server to share files across a network, including how to set up share points with appropriate access settings and configure the specific sharing protocols that Mac OS X Server will use.
10 Reasons to Switch to Mac OS X Lion
Jul 21, 2011
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has a slew of brand-new features and improvements. Tom Negrino offers ten reasons why you should upgrade.
10 Things to Know Before Enabling Apple's Family Sharing
Apr 21, 2015
Sharing all of your music, movies, and more across the range of Apple devices owned by your family sounds like a no-brainer. Why wouldn't everyone want this option? Maybe because it's not quite as beautifully simple as it sounds. Jeff Carlson, co-author of The Connected Apple Home: Discover the Rich Apple Ecosystem of the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV, explains 10 important points you need to consider before you decide to enroll your gang in Family Sharing.
10 Things You Might Not Know About FileVault 2
Feb 9, 2015
Rich Trouton, author of FileVault 2 for Mac OS X Decoded Learn by Video, has learned about a number of helpful (and largely undocumented) features of FileVault 2 in Mac OS X. This article details 10 of his most useful discoveries.
10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Keynote
Apr 2, 2015
Mark Wood, author of Apple Pro Training Series: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, offers 10 tips for making effective - maybe even genius! - Keynote presentations.
10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Numbers
Mar 26, 2015
Mark Wood, author of Apple Pro Training Series: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, shares 10 ways to harness the real power of Numbers.
10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Pages
Apr 7, 2015
Mark Wood, author of Apple Pro Training Series: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, provides real-world time-savers (and occasional pitfalls) in Pages.
A Cause for Integration: How to Play Music on Your Mac (and Your iPod)
Sep 8, 2006
One of the coolest things about the Mac is how it handles music, especially when using your Mac with an Apple iPod MP3 player. The seamless way these two work together is just a beautiful thing to behold (and putting together and sorting your music collection is really a lot of fun. In fact, it's so much fun that compiling your library of songs can almost become a hobby of its own). In this 20-minute lesson from best-selling author Scott Kelby, you'll learn to import music into your Mac, download music from the Internet, and create a library of music. Then, you'll organize your music into playlists and import this music into an Apple iPod MP3 player.
A Java Programmer's Introduction to Objective-C: Memory Management
Sep 23, 2005
Developers continue to debate the question of memory management solutions. Which is best? Although Objective-C's retain/release runs smoother and faster than Java's garbage collection, it places a much larger burden on the developer and introduces a much larger risk of memory leaks. In the first of a series of articles that detail the important differences between Java and Objective-C, Marcus Zarra compares and contrasts memory management in Java and Cocoa/Objective-C.
A Tour of Dashcode in Mac OS X Leopard
Jan 4, 2008
Dashboard widgets have been a great feature of Mac OS X since Tiger was released. With Leopard, Apple has introduced Dashcode, an intuitive tool for creating widgets that is both easy and fun to use. Ryan Faas tells you how easy it can be to create a news/headline widget, for example, in just a few minutes.
A Windows User’s Intro to the Mac Mini
Sep 16, 2005
If the Apple Mac Mini has you curious about adding this to your setup or switching from a PC, you'll want to read up on Paul Ferrill's journey back into the world of Apple after a long hiatus. Here you'll get a personal tour of some features of OS X Tiger, to compare them to similar Windows functions.
Aaack!! HELP!
Jul 1, 2001
Peachpit art
Absolutely the Last Article You Need To Read About Absolute References in Excel
Jan 7, 2005
Ever copy a formula you think is perfect and have surprising (and incorrect) results in the destination cells? You might be missing out on a feature of Excel that can make your spreadsheet work easier.
Accessing an Active Directory Service with OS X Directory Services v10.5
Oct 22, 2008
It's easy to integrate Mac OS X into an Active Directory environment. This chapter shows you how.
Adding a Submenu to a Menu in OS X
Dec 14, 2001
Join expert author Dan Parks Sydow as he explores adding a submenu to a menu in a Mac OS environment.
Alternate Authentication Methods Under Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server
Apr 27, 2007
Using smart cards or similar products can greatly enhance the security of a network and of individual workstations (including portable computers and those used for remote access). Ryan Faas shows you how to implement these alternatives to static usernames and passwords on the Macs in your network.
Animate Your Slides for a Killer Keynote Presentation
Aug 11, 2006
Adding animation to your slides is an important step in finalizing a presentation. You can create several types of animation in Keynote. Two of the most common are builds and transitions. This chapter will give you step-by-step instructions to animate your slides and give sizzle to your presentations.
App Anthem: Using iPhone Apps & the App Store
Oct 14, 2010
Scott Kelby and Terry White show you how to get apps from the iTunes and iPhone App store, update, delete, and organize your apps, and find the very coolest apps for your iPhone.
Apple Management Concepts for Deploying and Maintaining iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks Devices
Aug 26, 2014
This chapter from Managing Apple Devices: Deploying and Maintaining iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks Devices defines Apple’s goals related to iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks Devices, introduces the key iOS and OS X features and services you will use when managing Apple devices, and explores the most common deployment scenarios, or models, to provide a framework on which to build your specific deployment plans.
Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro 7 Quick-Reference Guide: Ingest
May 12, 2010
Brendan Boykin shows you the three ways you can bring media into Final Cut Pro.

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