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Essential Photoshop Tips and Tricks
Dec 6, 2002
In this article, David Blatner and Bruce Fraser visit the depths of Photoshop to bring you valuable tips and tricks.
Essential Techniques for Working with Photoshop CS2
Feb 24, 2006
In this chapter, you'll find tips and techniques covering features new to Photoshop CS2 along with some lesser known or frequently overlooked features and tools that have been around for a few versions. In addition, many of the tips in this chapter also work in ImageReady, Photoshop's Web graphics-centric component.
Five Tips for Optimizing GIFs in Photoshop CS2
Nov 18, 2005
How do you choose whether to use JPEG or GIF format for those beautiful graphics for your Web pages? Tanya Staples explains when to select which format, and then shows how to get more bang for your buck by reducing the already skinny GIF file sizes to ultra-waif status.
Frame It: How to Frame Digital Images with Photoshop
Aug 4, 2006
A good picture deserves a good frame. Just as you frame the artwork you hang on your wall, you can also create frames for your digital photos and art. Photoshop has plenty of tools to help you make wonderful frames that complement and enhance your photos. Helen Bradley shows you how to create a range of frame effects in Photoshop. In the process, you'll learn some handy ways for working in Photoshop and discover practical applications for styles and filters.
Guide to Creating and Managing Images in Photoshop Elements 5
Apr 6, 2007
This chapter offers some basic guidelines on adjusting image size and resolution, depending on whether you want to print, email, or post to the Web. The authors also cover creating images from scratch (which is what some people use Elements for, ignoring the Organizer entirely). You'll also learn the different methods for viewing additional information about your images.
Hands-On Photoshop CS: Correcting a Problem Image
Feb 27, 2004
Barry Haynes and Wendy Crumpler teach overall color correction using adjustment layers on a scanned image lacking good white or black points.
Harnessing the Power of Photoshop Selections
May 16, 2003
Photoshop provides an assortment of tools for selecting the portion of the image with which you want to work. Gary Bouton explains them here.
How to Create Flexible Documents in Photoshop CS2
Sep 16, 2005
Flexible? Learn the true power of flexibility as you create layered Photoshop documents that offer a high level of control and the ability to easily change your mind. Dave Cross focuses on "nondestructive" ways of working in Photoshop that give you the best combination of creativity and flexibility.
Jealous Type: Cool Type Effects in Adobe Photoshop CS
Jun 23, 2006
Scott Kelby shows you some great type effects in Photoshop CS, including Neo Grunge, Black Chrome, and Gothic Chiseled.
Learn How to Script Adobe Photoshop CS2
Dec 30, 2005
This chapter demonstrates several techniques for creating scripts to use specifically with Adobe Photoshop CS2. More importantly, you'll learn how to use the Adobe Photoshop CS2 scripting references to find the objects, classes, properties, methods, and even some values (called constants or enumerations) you can use to create JavaScripts for Adobe Photoshop CS2.
Lights and Shadows in Photoshop
Dec 20, 2002
Trying to re-create the interaction of the play of light on objects is always an enjoyable challenge. Here Bert Monroy offers some tips and techniques for doing just that in Photoshop.
Liquid Painting in Photoshop
Jan 31, 2003
Liquefy your assets for luscious backgrounds and fluid abstract effects.
Make Quick Fix Edits in Photoshop Elements 6
Apr 1, 2008
Jeff Carlson shows how to make editing your photos easy with Photoshop Elements 6's Quick Fix tool.
Making a Painting from a Photo
Dec 20, 2002
This article explores turning a photorealistic image into a painting using Photoshop 7.
Making Great Prints in Photoshop
Dec 20, 2002
Learn how to make the best prints with your printer and how to edit profiles with profile editors and/or Photoshop Adjustment Layers.
Making Virtual Copies With Lightroom
Jan 4, 2008
Want to experiment with a photo in Lightroom, but without messing up your original? Matt Kloskowski suggests creating another version of the original (Lightroom calls these "virtual copies") that you can treat just like you would a "real" photo: crop, color, fade, view - even save to disk.
Master Image Editing Basics in Photoshop CS/CS2
Mar 10, 2006
How does a mere image become a masterpiece? Editing. This chapter will help you familiarize yourself with the basics of image editing in Photoshop CS/CS2.
Mastering Palettes in Photoshop
Jun 13, 2003
Don't waste time opening, closing, and losing your palettes on the desktop when you're working in Photoshop. Learn the shortcuts for organizing your palettes in Photoshop 7 and its predecessors.
Misunderstood Photoshop: Blend If
Jan 19, 2007
Helen Bradley explores Blend If, a smart Photoshop blending tool that can be used to knock out an object from its background or to blend two images. The article also includes a video tutorial so you can easily follow along.
Misunderstood Photoshop: The History Brush
Jan 5, 2007
Photoshop's History Brush is great for fixing those little "oops" moments when you've messed up an image, but it also lets you use previous states of the image to create new effects. Helen Bradley shows why the History Brush should be a valued member of your Photoshop toolkit in this article and video tutorial.

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