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Understand How Color Works in Photoshop
Jan 13, 2006
Computers know nothing about images, or tone, color, truth, beauty, or art. They're just very complicated adding machines that crunch numbers. Fortunately, you don't have to learn hexadecimal or binary math to use Photoshop, but unless you like heavily pixellated output and wildly unpredictable color shifts, you really want to understand the essential lessons about images that authors Bruce Fraser and David Blatner lay out in this chapter.
Understanding HDR Toning in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Mar 23, 2011
HDR Toning, new in Adobe Photoshop CS5, lets you apply HDR-style effects to a single image instead of having to shoot and merge a set of bracketed images. Even if you don’t like wild HDR effects, HDR Toning is a welcome addition to the range of Photoshop tools you can use to make the most of the available dynamic range in your photos. Photoshop expert Conrad Chavez walks you through all your options.
Use Photoshop LAB to Spice Up Your Image's Colors
Oct 13, 2006
The best cooks never follow recipes, or at least not literally. A pinch of something extra here, a little bit of something not in the list of ingredients there, and presto, a culinary masterpiece. It's that way with LAB, too. In this sample chapter, you'll learn how to wipe out casts while enhancing other colors, exclude brilliant colors without formally selecting them or using a mask, and choose certain colors for more of a boost than others.
Work Smart with Photoshop CS2’s Smart Objects
Nov 18, 2005
More than any other new feature in Photoshop CS2, Smart Objects have the potential to fundamentally change the way people work. Similar to "live" links in desktop publishing software, Smart Objects make it very simple to update and change artwork on the fly in ways that are much more flexible than ever before. Let Dave Cross show you the improvements.
Working in the RAW
Dec 1, 2005
Helen Bradley takes a jargon-free look at what Camera RAW is, why you might use it, and how to work with these images in Photoshop CS2.
Working Smarter with Photoshop's Adjustment Layers
Jul 21, 2006
The catch phrase "work smarter, not harder" could have been written about Photoshop adjustment layers. If you're not using this Photoshop tool, you're probably costing yourself a lot of time. Adjustment layers are the smart way to apply many of Photoshop's most-often-used adjustments because they don't permanently change the image itself. Imagine being able to undo, remove, or alter an adjustment such as levels at any time without losing all your subsequent work. Helen Bradley shows you how to save time and effort and get better results using Photoshop adjustment layers.
Working with Color in Photoshop
Sep 26, 2003
This sample chapter teaches additive and subtractive color correction with image variations and color balance, global color correction with Levels and Curves, selective and interchannel color correction, and correcting color temperature problems.
Working with Photoshop Shapes
Sep 29, 2006
Take Helen Bradley's quick course in using Photoshop's built-in shapes and learn how to make your own custom shapes to add life and dimension to your digital art projects.

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