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Working Smarter with Photoshop's Adjustment Layers
Jul 21, 2006
The catch phrase "work smarter, not harder" could have been written about Photoshop adjustment layers. If you're not using this Photoshop tool, you're probably costing yourself a lot of time. Adjustment layers are the smart way to apply many of Photoshop's most-often-used adjustments because they don't permanently change the image itself. Imagine being able to undo, remove, or alter an adjustment such as levels at any time without losing all your subsequent work. Helen Bradley shows you how to save time and effort and get better results using Photoshop adjustment layers.
Jealous Type: Cool Type Effects in Adobe Photoshop CS
Jun 23, 2006
Scott Kelby shows you some great type effects in Photoshop CS, including Neo Grunge, Black Chrome, and Gothic Chiseled.
Basic Photo Corrections in Photoshop CS
Jun 9, 2006
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady include a variety of tools and commands for improving the quality of a photographic image. This lesson steps you through the process of acquiring, resizing, and retouching a photo intended for a print layout. The same workflow applies to Web images.
Basic Photo Corrections in Photoshop CS2
Jun 9, 2006
Adobe Photoshop includes a variety of tools and commands for improving the quality of a photographic image. This lesson steps you through the process of acquiring, resizing, and retouching a photo intended for a print layout. The same basic work-flow applies to Web images.
Photoshop Brushes as Artistic Tools
Jun 9, 2006
Photoshop can be artistic, right? In fact, Photoshop brushes are wonderful tools for creating original Photoshop art as well as for use in creating collages, making photo borders, and blending images together. Helen Bradley introduces you to the world of Photoshop brushes by showing you how to use the brush settings in Photoshop, how to create your own brushes, and how to find and use brushes that others have created.
Edgy Edge Effects in Photoshop
May 19, 2006
We're surrounded by images with interesting edges. Look around and you'll see photos with soft foggy edges and others that look torn or sanded. These edges provide interesting outlines for photos and digital art, and they're easy to create for your own images. Better still, when you create an interesting edge treatment, you can save it to use again on another image. Helen Bradley shows how to create a range of different edge effects and how to apply them by using masks and layers to any photo or image in your collection.
Master Image Editing Basics in Photoshop CS/CS2
Mar 10, 2006
How does a mere image become a masterpiece? Editing. This chapter will help you familiarize yourself with the basics of image editing in Photoshop CS/CS2.
Essential Techniques for Working with Photoshop CS2
Feb 24, 2006
In this chapter, you'll find tips and techniques covering features new to Photoshop CS2 along with some lesser known or frequently overlooked features and tools that have been around for a few versions. In addition, many of the tips in this chapter also work in ImageReady, Photoshop's Web graphics-centric component.
Thinking Outside the Box-Shaped Photo: How to Create Cool Photo Edges in Photoshop CS2
Feb 17, 2006
Don't be satisfied with boring rectangular photos! Thanks to Photoshop, you can use simple techniques to create amazing edge effects and cool artistic borders that can add the ultimate finishing touch to your photos. Dave Cross shows you how easy it is to create many different variations from three key techniques.
Understand How Color Works in Photoshop
Jan 13, 2006
Computers know nothing about images, or tone, color, truth, beauty, or art. They're just very complicated adding machines that crunch numbers. Fortunately, you don't have to learn hexadecimal or binary math to use Photoshop, but unless you like heavily pixellated output and wildly unpredictable color shifts, you really want to understand the essential lessons about images that authors Bruce Fraser and David Blatner lay out in this chapter.
Learn How to Script Adobe Photoshop CS2
Dec 30, 2005
This chapter demonstrates several techniques for creating scripts to use specifically with Adobe Photoshop CS2. More importantly, you'll learn how to use the Adobe Photoshop CS2 scripting references to find the objects, classes, properties, methods, and even some values (called constants or enumerations) you can use to create JavaScripts for Adobe Photoshop CS2.
Complete Guide to Using Actions in Photoshop
Dec 22, 2005
Whenever you perform a repetitive task in Photoshop, you can save yourself time and effort by using actions. Helen Bradley's quick-start guide explains what a Photoshop action is, how to find and play an action, and how to record your own.
Working in the RAW
Dec 1, 2005
Helen Bradley takes a jargon-free look at what Camera RAW is, why you might use it, and how to work with these images in Photoshop CS2.
Photoshop CS2: How Layers Work
Nov 23, 2005
Layers play such a huge role in Photoshop that to deny yourself any crucial information about them is asking for trouble. With every new release, Adobe likes to pack more and more functions into the Layers palette. So as time goes on, understanding them will become even more crucial. This chapter will help you feel more comfortable working with layers in Photoshop CS2.
Choose the Right Tool for Every Job in Photoshop CS2
Nov 18, 2005
Photoshop has a number of selection tools. Some appear in the toolbox, but others are hidden in the Photoshop interface. Helen Bradley examines the tools, how they work, and how you might use them. Familiarizing yourself with these tools and understanding how to use them will allow you to make the best choice of tool for the job and get your work done much faster.
Five Tips for Optimizing GIFs in Photoshop CS2
Nov 18, 2005
How do you choose whether to use JPEG or GIF format for those beautiful graphics for your Web pages? Tanya Staples explains when to select which format, and then shows how to get more bang for your buck by reducing the already skinny GIF file sizes to ultra-waif status.
Work Smart with Photoshop CS2’s Smart Objects
Nov 18, 2005
More than any other new feature in Photoshop CS2, Smart Objects have the potential to fundamentally change the way people work. Similar to "live" links in desktop publishing software, Smart Objects make it very simple to update and change artwork on the fly in ways that are much more flexible than ever before. Let Dave Cross show you the improvements.
Be Warned: A Guide to Warning Dialogs In Photoshop CS2
Sep 16, 2005
Some dialogs are self-explanatory, others cause raised eyebrows, but many of these warning dialogs can be avoided. Here are the most common warning messages you're likely to run into in Photoshop CS2 (and a few you may not see all that often), the reason why the warning appears, how to fix the problem, and—when possible—how to prevent the warning from appearing in the first place.
How to Create Flexible Documents in Photoshop CS2
Sep 16, 2005
Flexible? Learn the true power of flexibility as you create layered Photoshop documents that offer a high level of control and the ability to easily change your mind. Dave Cross focuses on "nondestructive" ways of working in Photoshop that give you the best combination of creativity and flexibility.
Raw System Overview: Camera Raw, Bridge, and Photoshop
Sep 16, 2005
Looking for a 30,000-foot overview of the whole digital raw system? You've found it. Author Bruce Fraser takes you through the basics of the raw workflow in this excellent introduction to Camera Raw, Bridge, and Photoshop.

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