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Color Management 101 for Digital Artists
Jun 3, 2005
Designers, avid digital camera users, or perfectionists, take note. The International Color Consortium and Bryan Hoff are here to help you calibrate your monitor, printer, and scanner to match international standards. Color yourself informed!
Color Management in Photoshop CS4
Apr 21, 2009
Conrad Chavez and David Blatner describe the details of color management in Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Color Me Badd: Color Correction for Photographers
Apr 23, 2008
Best-selling authors Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski use their shared wit and photo-editing expertise to show you every cool trick in the book for color correcting photos in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.
Color Settings in Adobe Photoshop CS4
Jan 8, 2009
Learn which Photoshop features make what you see on the screen at least resemble, if not actually match, what you get in your printed output.
Color Spaces, Device Characterization, and Color Management in Photoshop 7
Dec 20, 2002
This sample chapter provides an overview of how we see color, measure color, calibrate color scanners, monitors and printers, and what color working spaces and file bit-depths to use in Photoshop.
Comparing Digital Camera Sensors, Part 1
Feb 22, 2008
In part one of this three-part series, Peter Bauer takes a look at some practical aspects of different-sized camera sensors in digital SLRs. Which camera should you buy? You may want to read this first.
Comparing Digital Camera Sensors, Part 2
Feb 29, 2008
Digital SLR cameras can do more than ever before, but is it worth the extra money to buy a DSLR that uses a sensor the size of a 35mm negative instead of a less-expensive camera using a smaller sensor? Pete Bauer did some independent testing using a full-frame Canon 5D and a camera using Canon's smaller APS-C size sensor.
Comparing Digital Camera Sensors, Part 3
Mar 7, 2008
In this final installment of his three-part series, Peter Bauer addresses specific differences between shooting cameras with full frame sensors and cameras with APS-C size sensors.
Complete Guide to Using Actions in Photoshop
Dec 22, 2005
Whenever you perform a repetitive task in Photoshop, you can save yourself time and effort by using actions. Helen Bradley's quick-start guide explains what a Photoshop action is, how to find and play an action, and how to record your own.
Compositing an Imaginary Place with Photoshop
Nov 29, 2002
See how an idea for a client turned into a new method for creating imaginary places as Sharon Steuer pieces together digital snapshots in Photoshop to create an original composition.
Compositing Multiple Images in Photoshop
Oct 6, 2015
In this excerpt from The Digital Negative: Raw Image Processing in Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop, 2nd Edition, Jeff Schewe shows you how to use Photoshop to composite your images.
Converting the Background in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Dec 6, 2010
There are many things you can do to a layer that you can’t do to the Background. You can, however, convert the Background into a layer, at which time it will adopt all the functions of a normal layer. In this excerpt from Photoshop CS5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas show you how.
Converting to Black and White Using Camera Raw
Dec 18, 2010
Although Photoshop has its own Black & White conversion adjustment layer, you can create a much better black-and-white conversion using Camera Raw. In this excerpt from The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers, Scott Kelby shows you how.
Correcting an Underexposed Image in Lightroom
Apr 8, 2008
Everyone overexposes an occasional photo. You might do it deliberately, in order to convey a certain mood, but more often than not it's an accident and you won't like the result. Martin Evening shows how to use Lightroom to fix those images on which you got a little carried away.
Correcting Lens Distortion in Adobe Photshop CS5
Dec 12, 2010
This excerpt from Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book shows you how to adjust the lens distortion in an image of a Greek temple.
Cream of the Crop: Cropping and Resizing in Adobe Photoshop CS
Jul 14, 2006
This chapter provides step-by-step instructions for various resizing projects in Photoshop CS. Included are hints to create custom tools to resize photos in specific and useful ways.
Cream of the Crop: Cropping and Resizing in Photoshop Elements 3
Sep 16, 2005
If a chapter on cropping and resizing doesn't sound exciting, really, what does? It's sad, but a good portion of our lives is spent doing just that—cropping and resizing. Why is that? Because nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever the right size. Actually, you'll be happy to learn that there's more than just cropping and resizing in this chapter. Author Scott Kelby supersized the chapter with other cool techniques that honestly are probably a bit too cool to wind up in a chapter called "Cropping and Resizing," but it's the only place they'd fit.
Create a Flash Gallery in a Photoshop Elements 5
Jan 12, 2007
You used to need web development skills to even think about creating an online gallery. Now, thanks to the new Flash photo galleries in Photoshop Elements 5, all it takes is a few clicks. Matt Kloskowski shows you the way in a fun and easy video tutorial.
Create a Killer Black and White Photo Using Photoshop Elements 5 Video Tutorial
Nov 17, 2006
The process of turning a color photo into a beautiful black and white has been revolutionized with the introduction of Photoshop Elements 5. Matt Kloskowski shows you how to use Elements to create killer black and white photos through two short video tutorials. One video shows you the easy, one-click way to create black and whites, while the other video tutorial shows you how to get a tad more control over the conversion process.
Create a Marketing Ad Using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Types and Shapes
Aug 3, 2010
Using just the basic Photoshop software, Rafael Concepcion shows how you can manipulate the shapes and text in your designs to produce pleasing and compelling results. Learn these techniques and incorporate them into your Photoshop toolbox.

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