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1 + 1 = 11: The Mathematics of Brand Collaboration
Feb 28, 2003
Learn the three basic methods of brand collaboration from Marty Neumeier, author of "The Brand Gap."
10 Ways to Build a Following on Google+
Aug 13, 2012
Google+ is a terrific social network for photographers to connect with clients, fans, and others who share their love of the visual arts. Colby Brown should know. The author of Google+ for Photographers has built a huge following on Google+. He shares 10 of the best ideas he has learned from his experience - expertise that can help you to build your own network, hang out with great new friends, and get your photography noticed.
A Renegade's Guide to Marketing: Volatile Factors
Dec 31, 2015
In this chapter from his book, The CMO's Periodic Table: A Renegade's Guide to Marketing, Drew Neisser shows you how to identify the elements that have high potential to precipitate trouble, making you much more able to handle them like a pro and nip disasters in the bud.
Before and After Graphics for Business: Creating a Successful Logo
Sep 29, 2006
A successful logo can’t be just creative or clever. Because a logo ends up being an important guest at many occasions, it absolutely must perform and behave well no matter what. It is a tricky balancing act, but one that you can achieve. All you have to do is consider what makes a logo effective. Make sure your design follows these guidelines.
Brand Innovation: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Mar 14, 2003
All brand innovation, whether for a website, a package, a product, an event, or an ad campaign, should be aimed at creating a positive experience for the user. The trick is in knowing which experience will be the most positive—even before you commit to it.
Brochure Template Files
Jan 1, 1999
Peachpit art feb 12
Building the Buzz
Sep 2, 2001
So you’ve created a Web site that is the coolest thing since Wayne Newton and crayons, and now you need to get the world to listen. Well, Chaz Rough has the answers.
Can You Control Your Brand, or Just Share It?
Jan 20, 2009
Joel Postman discusses social media implications to the corporate brand, including the definition of brand, and whether a company can control its brand, manage it, share it, or must give it over to the whims of consumers.
Creating a Brilliantly Wacky Idea
Sep 2, 2001
Where do creative and wacky ideas come from? In this article Chaz Rough explains -- in Homer Simpson detail -- effective and useful tools and stories for cultivating absurdity.
Design Strategies of Successful Communities
Apr 27, 2001
People are people, even in cyberspace. In this excerpt from her book, Community Building on the Web, Amy Jo Kim outlines nine design strategies and three basic community design principles that characterize successful, sustainable online communities.
Find Your Identity: How to Design a Logo That Suits Your Business
Jan 5, 2007
A successful logo can't be just creative or clever. Because a logo ends up being an important guest at many occasions, it absolutely must perform and behave well no matter what. In this sample chapter, you'll learn what makes a good logo and how to design one that's right your business. A Brilliantly Wacky Idea
Sep 2, 2001 - A case study on a brilliantly wacky Web site that has changed the way the world balances its checkbook.
Generating Demand for Your Creative Services
Jan 1, 2013
Marketing is a lot more than just being available to the market. By sharing fresh ideas, sharing your unique attributes and leadership, building a brand that’s memorable and meaningful, and putting it into action, you’ll draw a crowd instead of just standing out in one.
How to Be a Great Marketer in 64 Easy Steps
Dec 2, 2015
Being a marketer in today’s modern age is not easy, with the onslaught of digital and print messages consumers see daily. Drew Neisser, marketer and author of The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing, introduces you to seven marketing mavens and shares their insights on a range of elements that nearly every aspiring marketer must consider.
How to Create a Landing Page That Sells
Nov 16, 2007
Authors Lance Loveday and Sandra Niehaus show you how to turn landing pages into powerful strategic weapons that enhance financial returns and give you a competitive edge.
How to Find Customers Online
Apr 27, 2001
This article from Creating Stores on the Web shows you how to find customers on the Usenet, mailing lists, and online forums; how to post messages that will make people aware of your store; and what might hurt your customer acquisition efforts.
Nov 20, 2006
Keyword Optimization for Google AdSense
Oct 21, 2005
Eric Giguere shows you how to fine-tune your web page to raise the prominence of specific keywords for the Google AdSense program.
Landing Pages That Convert Visitors into Buyers
May 7, 2004
Does your current web page lead shoppers down the path to a purchase, or does it let them wander aimlessly around your site? In this chapter top Internet marketer and strategist Catherine Seda outlines the strategy of how to turn poor-performing ad copy into targeted sales-getters, and how you can evaluate and correct low visitor-to-buyer conversions.
Logos & Identity
Nov 20, 2006

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