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Monetizing Syndicated Content with AdSense for Feeds
Oct 28, 2005
No one quite knows how to make money from syndicated content yet. AdSense for feeds is Google's experiment in monetizing content feeds delivered through RSS and other mechanisms. Eric Giguere discusses why the jury's still out on this program.
Protect Yourself from Click Fraud
Oct 28, 2005
Like newspapers and magazines, Web sites display ads because advertisers pay for the use of that space. But the pay-per-click model has some troubling repercussions. Eric Giguère explains how "click fraud" is cutting into ad revenues and creating problems even for the seemingly all-powerful Google.
Keyword Optimization for Google AdSense
Oct 21, 2005
Eric Giguere shows you how to fine-tune your web page to raise the prominence of specific keywords for the Google AdSense program.
Web Ad Layout and Placement Strategies for Maximum Clickthroughs
Oct 14, 2005
Although there are no absolute rules about placing advertisements on your website and which layout options to choose, Eric Giguere gives you some general guidelines to follow to help maximize clickthroughs.
Landing Pages That Convert Visitors into Buyers
May 7, 2004
Does your current web page lead shoppers down the path to a purchase, or does it let them wander aimlessly around your site? In this chapter top Internet marketer and strategist Catherine Seda outlines the strategy of how to turn poor-performing ad copy into targeted sales-getters, and how you can evaluate and correct low visitor-to-buyer conversions.
Search Engine Advertising: ROI Tracking Tips
Mar 26, 2004
Catherine Seda shows you how to choose a return on investment (ROI) tracking solution for your search engine ads.
Online Game Marketing and Distribution Concerns: Retail Box, Download, or Both?
Apr 18, 2003
Jessica Mulligan and Bridgette Patrovsky, authors of "Developing Online Games: An Insider's Guide," provide an insightful, insider's view of marketing online games.
Brand Innovation: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Mar 14, 2003
All brand innovation, whether for a website, a package, a product, an event, or an ad campaign, should be aimed at creating a positive experience for the user. The trick is in knowing which experience will be the most positive—even before you commit to it.
1 + 1 = 11: The Mathematics of Brand Collaboration
Feb 28, 2003
Learn the three basic methods of brand collaboration from Marty Neumeier, author of "The Brand Gap."
Your Homepage Is a 30-Second Window of Opportunity: Don't Be Shy!
May 24, 2002
Explore some of the insights from user experience testing regarding how to make the homepage as intuitive and "friendly" a space as possible.
One Process Fits All
Oct 5, 2001
A single, comprehensive workflow can be incorporated and adapted by all web development teams: a set of core steps that apply to all projects. One process -- the Core Process -- fits all, with a focused emphasis on the specific needs of redesign. A Brilliantly Wacky Idea
Sep 2, 2001 - A case study on a brilliantly wacky Web site that has changed the way the world balances its checkbook.
Creating a Brilliantly Wacky Idea
Sep 2, 2001
Where do creative and wacky ideas come from? In this article Chaz Rough explains -- in Homer Simpson detail -- effective and useful tools and stories for cultivating absurdity.
Building the Buzz
Sep 2, 2001
So you’ve created a Web site that is the coolest thing since Wayne Newton and crayons, and now you need to get the world to listen. Well, Chaz Rough has the answers.
Design Strategies of Successful Communities
Apr 27, 2001
People are people, even in cyberspace. In this excerpt from her book, Community Building on the Web, Amy Jo Kim outlines nine design strategies and three basic community design principles that characterize successful, sustainable online communities.
How to Find Customers Online
Apr 27, 2001
This article from Creating Stores on the Web shows you how to find customers on the Usenet, mailing lists, and online forums; how to post messages that will make people aware of your store; and what might hurt your customer acquisition efforts.
What the Web Can Do
Apr 27, 2001
This excerpt from Putting Your Small Business on the Web by Maria Langer explains how to reduce marketing costs and create a more professional business image for your company on the Web.
Brochure Template Files
Jan 1, 1999
Peachpit art feb 12
Newsletter Template Files
Jan 1, 1999
Peachpit art feb 12
Tips on Designing Newsletters
Jan 1, 1999
by Robin Williams, from The Non-Designer's Guerrilla Marketing Guide

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