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So Many Typefaces. So Little Time
Nov 5, 2015
Get a peek at the brilliant, wacky, inspiring pages from Notes on Type, and maybe learn something about typefaces, too.
Lessons in Typography: Multi-Word Presentations
Jul 6, 2015
In this chapter from Lessons in Typography: Must-know typographic principles presented through lessons, exercises, and examples, Jim Krause discusses working with multiple words in a design, including baseline configurations, strategies for using different fonts, and visual hierarchy.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Typography: An Interview with Jim Felici
Sep 6, 2011
Frank Romano interviews Jim Felici about the evolution to digital type, "automating" typography, and his most and least favorite fonts.
From Looking to Seeing: The Craft of Typography
Sep 5, 2011
Everyone looks at type, but the typographer has to see more, because eliminating all traces of visual discord is what elevates type from being merely legible to being comfortingly readable. Jim Felici, the author of The Complete Manual of Typography: A Guide to Setting Perfect Type, Second Edition, explains how even the untrained eye suffers from badly set type (untrained doesnโ€™t mean unsophisticated), and how discerning eyes are needed to set the fine type that readers deserve.
The Complete Manual of Typography: About Fonts
Aug 17, 2011
Working with fonts forces you to learn more about your computer than you probably want, but everything you need to know is in this chapter.
Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign: Leading
Jul 28, 2010
Nigel French discusses the details of leading (the space between lines of type) in Adobe InDesign, including general rules of thumb, exceptions, and the use of auto leading.
Fluid Web Typography: Scale & Rhythm
Dec 23, 2009
Jason Cranford Teague shows how giving careful consideration to the measurements and scale you are designing for is what separates good Web typography from great Web typography.
Liven Up Your Design Through Repetition
Apr 2, 2008
Author Robin Williams offers practical, fun advice on creating continuity through repetition to make your design work appear more cohesive and professional.
Malcolm Grear on Letterforms and Typography
Nov 10, 2006
Every letter is not necessarily beautiful when judged as a single unit. Each letter is companion to 25 others; some are symmetrical, others asymmetrical. The beauty of a letter is revealed by how it meshes with companion parts of a total typographic system and how it works in combination with its fellows. Read this sample chapter for renowned artist Malcolm Grear's best exercises on interpreting typeface in design.