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Comparing Floorstanding and Bookshelf Speakers
Dec 10, 2004
Should you buy big floorstanding speakers for your home theater system, or more compact bookshelf speakers? Michael Miller walks you through the different types of speakers available, pointing out the pros and cons of each.
From Sound Card to Stereo: Connecting Your PC to Your Stereo
Nov 5, 2004
Learn how to analyze the a/v equipment you've got to make sure outputs and inputs are compatible for connecting your PC to your home stereo.
Basic Audio Editing in Cubase
Sep 10, 2004
Editing digital audio is a completely different story from analog. This sample chapter will introduce you to editing techniques in Cubase SX2.
A Quick "Rip" Through Digital Audio File Formats
Jul 30, 2004
Plenty of audio formats exist for storing and playing back digital music. Get the lowdown here on which format is right for you.
Taking Your iPod Beyond Music
May 13, 2004
Avowed Windows lover Matthew David became enamored of a little white box full of favorite tunes. Now he has found that his Apple iPod can do even more than fill his life with music.
Preparing Yourself for Digital Audio
Oct 11, 2002
Get a handle on some of the key issues around authoring your own streaming audio.
Creating a Multiple-Format Streaming Audio Site
Jun 14, 2002
The FezGuys discuss the construction of a Web site that serves multiple-format streaming audio.
The Future of Digital Music
Aug 13, 2001
The future of digital music is simple to Bob Starrett and Josh McDaniel: MP3. They'll tell you about the format in this article and even show you how to find MP3 files.
Where is the Good Music on the Internet?
Aug 13, 2001
Although you are unlikely to find legitimate music from the Top 40 charts available for download, thousands of free or inexpensive legal tracks are available. You need to do a little snooping, though, to find them. This article will get you started.
Adding Sound, Shockwave, and Flash Files
May 25, 2001
Dreamweaver makes it easy to insert the code for multimedia objects such as audio, video, and animation onto your pages. This article, from Dreamweaver 3: Visual QuickStart Guide, shows how you can turn your web pages into multimedia showcases.
How to Destroy a CD-R
Mar 1, 2001
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