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A Cause for Integration: How to Play Music on Your Mac (and Your iPod)
Sep 8, 2006
One of the coolest things about the Mac is how it handles music, especially when using your Mac with an Apple iPod MP3 player. The seamless way these two work together is just a beautiful thing to behold (and putting together and sorting your music collection is really a lot of fun. In fact, it's so much fun that compiling your library of songs can almost become a hobby of its own). In this 20-minute lesson from best-selling author Scott Kelby, you'll learn to import music into your Mac, download music from the Internet, and create a library of music. Then, you'll organize your music into playlists and import this music into an Apple iPod MP3 player.
Apple's Free iTunes Rocks
Jul 1, 2001
by Bob LeVitus, author of The Little iTunes Book
Apple's Generation 5 iPod vs. Sony's PSP
Dec 9, 2005
Matthew David compares the Gen 5 iPod to the Sony PSP and reluctantly concludes that Sony will come out the loser. Again.
Creating a Podcast
Nov 11, 2005
So, you fancy yourself an amateur DJ, or an amateur talk show host. Podcasting offers you the opportunity to self-publish radio shows on the internet. This chapter explains both the legal and technological requirements of podcasting, and how you can get started creating your own podcasts.
Extending Your iPod for the Mac
Feb 18, 2005
Matthew David tells you how you can add more content to your iPod when you are running Mac, how you can extend the content on your iPod with third-party tools, and why you should really be using a Mac for your iPod.
Getting Video Onto Your iPod
Jan 27, 2006
Get an iPod for Christmas? Music is great, but what about the video? In this article Matthew David shows you where to go to fill your iPod to the max with video.
Hacking iTunes: Programming iTunes on the Windows Platform
May 6, 2005
In his continuing series on hacking your iPod, Matthew David gives you the skinny on developing the plugins and extensities you need to make iTunes for Windows rock.
Hacking Your iPod: Building Windows Solutions to Load Content onto Your iPod and iTunes
Mar 18, 2005
Like your iPod? But don't you wish it could do just one more thing? Stop complaining and start programming! Matthew David exposes you to the fundamentals of programming iTunes to store more on your iPod.
How To Buy and Rent Media To Play on Your Apple TV
May 2, 2008
In this excerpt from The Apple TV Pocket Guide, Second Edition, author Jeff Carlson tells you how to buy cool stuff to watch on your Apple TV using either your computer or the Apple TV itself.
Import a CD into iTunes 4
Jan 1, 2004
iTunes 4 features the ability to import tracks from your audio CDs in AAC (Advanced Audio Encoding) format, which, when encoded at 128 kbps (kilobytes per second), produces a smaller, better-sounding file than an MP3 file encoded at 160 kbps.
Inside iTunes 7
Oct 27, 2006
iTunes 7 brings new features and new ways to organize the music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts that you sync to your iPod or play using iTunes. Ryan Faas takes you on a tour of the new features and shows you how to use them to have even more fun with your digital media, if you can imagine that.
It's Tricky: Scott Kelby's Coolest iPod Tips & Tricks
Feb 1, 2008
Best-selling author Scott Kelby shares a few of his best tips for getting the most out of your iPod.
iTunes and Mac OS X
Aug 20, 2001
This article by Maria Langer explains how you can get iTunes for your Mac and use it to record and play MP3 music.
iTunes and You
May 28, 2009
To best understand what makes the iPod’s world turn, you must be familiar with how it and iTunes 8 work together to move music (as well as pictures, videos, and games, in the case of some recent iPods) on and off your iPod. In the following pages, you’ll see just that.
iTunes and You
Mar 9, 2007
iTunes is a powerful tool by itself. When paired with an iPod, it creates a unique audio experience. This excerpt will show you how to use your iPod for more than just podcasts; photos and videos can also be viewed on the device.
iTunes and You
Dec 25, 2006
MacWorld Expo '06: This Year's Biggest Hits
Jan 27, 2006
This year’s only MacWorld Expo was dominated by three things: Intel Macs long before anyone expected them to be shipping, an updated version of iLife, and sales of more iPods than anyone expected— and more iPod gadgets than you could shake a stick at. Author Ryan Faas gives you his take on the biggest news and trends to come out of the Moscone Center.
Make Your Own iTunes-Style Interface with Eye Candy
Nov 11, 2005
With Eye Candy: Impact, Photoshop just got easier. Impact is a sweet suite of filters and a must-have for serious Photoshop users. Whether you're a graphic designer, a digital photographer, or a Web content creator, Impact will make your designs pop. In this tutorial, Bryan Hoff shows you how to build an iTunes-like interface using Impact and Photoshop's layer styles.
OtterBox for iPod: Armor Plating for Your Music
May 19, 2006
Is the OtterBox for iPod worthy of its "waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof" claims? And is it a viable case for everyday use? Dustin Sullivan puts one to the test.
Playing Music and More in iTunes
Mar 31, 2006
iTunes gives you multiple ways to locate and play songs. You may already know some of them; if you read this chapter, however, you'll likely pick up some new tricks, as well as grasp some nuances of iTunes that may save you confusion and frustration.

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