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Indexing Photos Using Faces and Places in Aperture 3
Apr 28, 2010
How can you precisely determine where a photo was taken or who is in the photo? Thankfully, there are easy and engaging ways in which Aperture can help you.
Intro to Image Editing in Aperture 2
May 30, 2008
In this one-hour lesson, you'll learn how to import, crop, and straighten photos as well as improve white balance and remove sensor dust and red eye from your photos using Apple's Aperture 2 software.
Comparing Digital Camera Sensors, Part 1
Feb 22, 2008
In part one of this three-part series, Peter Bauer takes a look at some practical aspects of different-sized camera sensors in digital SLRs. Which camera should you buy? You may want to read this first.
Top 10 Reasons To Upgrade to Aperture 2
Feb 19, 2008
Apple released the long-awaited update to its Aperture image-editing software last week. So, is Aperture 2 worth the upgrade? Author Richard Harrington thinks so and he gives you 10 reasons why you should upgrade too.