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Bret Malley

Bret Malley is an award winning digital artist living in Portland, OR along with his wife and new baby boy. He has an MFA in Computer Art from Syracuse University and teaches photography, design, and Photoshop among other things to university and college students of all levels and backgrounds. Also part of his artwork is documentary filmmaking, 3D photography, and music composition. But those things are not that relevant to this book, so ignore those. As a computer artist, he is crazy about digital tools and art making of all kinds and especially working in Photoshop, his ultimate favorite of all applications.  


Bret is also an Irish bodhran drummer, hiker, juggler, snowboarder, traveler, didgeridoo player, and cat lover. Bret sometimes wonders why people often mention their pets in these kinds of third person descriptions. He also likes to abide by some conventions from time to time.