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Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn by Video

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn by Video

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-321-93971-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-93971-5

T>Including more than 10 hours of video tutorials, the course comes complete with lesson files, assessment quizzes, and review materials. Experienced instructor Maxim Jago presents a comprehensive introduction to Premiere Pro, including best practices as well as concepts that are fundamental non-linear video editing. Topics covered include working with imported media, timelines, transitions and special effects, and outputting files to various formats, and how to work within the Creative Cloud.
The video is wrapped in a unique interface that allows you to jump to any topic and also bookmark individual sections for later review. The unique “Watch and Work” mode shrinks the video into a small window to allow you to work alongside in Premiere Pro. Project files used in the lessons are included on the disc so you can practice what you’ve learned, and interactive review questions help reinforce freshly gained knowledge.
Table of Contents
    1.    Introducing Adobe Premiere Pro
    2.    Premiere Pro Projects
    3.    Importing Media
    4.    Organizing Media
    5.    Editing Essentials
    6.    Working with Clips and Markers
    7.    Adding Transitions
    8.    Advanced Editing Controls
    9.    Putting Clips in Motion
    10.    Multicamera Editing
    11.    Editing and Mixing Audio
    12.    Sweetening Sound with Effects
    13.    Adding Video Special Effects
    14.    Color Correction
    15.    Compositing Techniques
    16.    Creating Titles
    17.    Project Management
    18.    Exporting Frames, Media Files, and Sequences
    19.    New Features in this release
Duration: 11hrs 28min
User Level: Beginning/Intermediate

System Requirements:
Mac: OS X 10.7.5+ and Safari 6.0+
PC: Windows Vista+ and Firefox 22+
Hardware: DVD-ROM drive

Please Note:
* This DVD-ROM can be viewed on your computer, but it will NOT play in a DVD movie player.

* The course uses pop-ups; please enable them in your browser. For more information on how to enable Pop-ups please see our Learn By Video FAQ page

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Ch 1 Introducing Adobe Premiere Pro
What Is Adobe Premiere Pro?
Some standard terms
Video Editing Workflows
An Overview of the Interface
The Premiere Pro preferences
Keyboard shortcuts
Sync settings
Ch 2 Premiere Pro Projects
Creating a new project - General Settings
Creating a new project - Scratch Disks
Using Sequence Presets
More Sequence Settings
Video Preview Sequence Settings
Sequence track settings
Ch 3 Importing Media
Importing video and audio files
Importing Graphics and photos
Importing Media from File-Based Cameras
Link and Locate
Browsing projects
Importing projects from Final Cut Pro and Avid
Capture from tape
Batch Capture
Ch 4 Organizing Media
Introducing the Project Panel
Finding Assets in the Project Panel
Attaching a Script to your clips
Speech Analysis
Footage Interpretation
Ch 5 Editing Essentials
Monitor Controls
Selecting Part of a Clip
Introducing the Timeline Panel
Timeline Track Controls
Adding Clips to a Sequence
Rearranging Clips in a Sequence
Lifting and Extracting, Deleting and Ripple Deleting
Targeting Tracks
Ch 6 Working with Clips and Markers
Adjusting Playback Resolution
Creating Subclips
Adding Clip and Sequence markers
Working with Markers
Ch 7 Adding Transitions
Applying a Transition Between Two Clips
Understanding Rendering and the Work Area
Changing Transition Settings
Creating an Audio Crossfade
Ch 8 Advanced Editing Controls
Changing the Playback Speed of Clips
Changing clip opacity
Adjusting Playback Speed over Time
Replacing Clips on the Timeline
Nesting a Sequence
Trimming on the Timeline
The Trim Mode and Trim Monitor
Trimming Keyboard Shortcuts
JKL Trimming
Timeline Tools
Ch 9 Putting Clips in Motion
Fixed Effects for Video and Audio Clips
Creating Motion with Fixed Effects
Effect Presets
Ch 10 Multicamera Editing
Preparing for a Multicamera Edit
Performing a Multicamera Edit
Adjusting a Multicamera Edit
Ch 11 Editing and Mixing Audio
The Audio Workspace
Audio Track Types
Normalizing Audio
Adjusting volume over time on the Timeline
Adjusting Audio Level in the Effect Controls Panel
Adjusting Clip Pan
The Audio Clip Mixer
The Track Mixer
Ch 12 Sweetening Sound with Effects
Applying Audio Effects to clips
Cleaning up noisy audio quickly
Using Parametric EQ
The Loudness Radar
Ch 13 Adding Video Special Effects
Introducing the video effects
YUV, Accelerated, and 32 bit effects
Adjustment Layers
The Warp Stabilizer
Rendering effects
Ch 14 Color Correction
The Color Correction Workspace
Vectorscopes and Waveforms
The Three Way Color Corrector
The Lumetri Deep Color Engine
Ch 15 Compositing Techniques
Garbage Mattes
Ch 16 Creating Titles
Introducing the Title Tool
Working with Text
Ch 17 Project Management
Getting Organized
Using the Project Manager
Ch 18 Exporting Frames, Media Files, and Sequences
Preparing a Project for Tape Output
Recording to a DV or HDV Tape
Exporting Your Sequence to a File
Sending your sequence to FCP and Avid
Sending your sequence to Adobe SpeedGrade
Exporting Frames
Ch 19 New Features in this release
What’s New in Adobe Premiere Pro CS Next


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