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Apple OS X Lion

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Apple OS X Lion

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-357127-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-357127-1

In this computer based training video from Infinite Skills, expert author and trainer Andy Anderson delves into the latest and greatest operating system from Apple, OS X Lion.  Version 10.7 of the popular Macintosh operating system, Lion adds many features and functions, from full screen apps to Launchpad and Mission Control.  This update to OS X just makes using your Macintosh computer easier and more enjoyable!
Starting with the basics of installing your copy of OS X Lion, Andy Anderson teaches you how to get the most out of this operating system, and its included software.  This video training course covers topics such as working in the Finder, the Doc, Launchpad, Dashboard, Spotlight, Expose, Spaces, Securing your Mac, Mobile Me, Gestures and more.  Also covered is popular software included with Lion, such as Safari, Apple Mail, iTunes, iChat, and iCal.
By the conclusion of this video based training course, you will be fully capable of installing, navigating through, and operating your Macintosh computer with OS X 10.7 Lion installed.

Total Time: 6.75 hours

Sample Content

Table of Contents

01. Installing OS X Lion
    0101 Introduction
    0102 Installation
    0103 An Overview Of Lion
    0104 Hardware Requirements
    0105 Preparing For Moving Day
    0106 Andy's Top Ten
    0107 Getting A Little Help With Migration Assistant
02. Staying Secure And Up To Date
    0201 Introduction
    0202 Desktops And Docks
    0203 Data Security And Disk Images
    0204 Locating Missing Passwords With Keychain
    0205 Keeping Up To Date
    0206 Using Resume To Pick Up Where You Left Off
03. Working In The Finder
    0301 Introduction
    0302 Moving Through The Finder
    0303 Using Finder Services
    0304 Contextual Menus
    0305 Creating An Alias
    0306 Renaming, Moving And Copying Files
    0307 Working With File Properties
    0308 Working With Autosave And Versions
    0309 A Peek At Mission Control
    0310 Sidebar
    0311 Network Alias
04. The Dock And Launchpad
    0401 Introduction
    0402 Adding And Deleting Items From The Dock
    0403 Working Though Dock Options
    0404 Creating Stacks In The Dock
    0405 Trash Versus Eject
    0406 Setting Up The Launchpad
    0407 Adding Additional Screens To Launchpad
    0408 Organizing Launchpad With Folder
05. The Dashboard And Widgets
    0501 Introduction
    0502 The Dashboard And Widgets
    0503 Finding Additional Widgets
06. Working With Spotlight
    0601 Introduction
    0602 Controlling Spotlight With Preferences
    0603 Conducting Basic Searches And More
    0604 Performing Advanced Searches
07. Have It Your Way
    0701 Introduction
    0702 Changing Appearances
    0703 Setting Up Expose And Spaces
    0704 Making Your Mac Safe And Secure
    0705 Controlling CDs And DVDs
    0706 Managing Your Display
    0707 Save Energy And Work Smart
    0708 Configuring Your Mouse - Trackpad
    0709 Configuring Date - Time
    0710 Working With Multiple Startup Disks
    0711 Saving The Past With Time Machine
08. Getting Connected To The World
    0801 Introduction
    0802 Working With MobileMe
    0803 Setting Up A Network
    0804 Adding Bluetooth Devices
    0805 To Share Or Not To Share
09. Working With Gestures
    0901 Introduction
    0902 Interacting With Computers
    0903 Setting Up Trackpad Preferences
    0904 Moving - Grabbing And Dragging
    0905 Working With Rubberbanding
    0906 Using Pinch To Zoom - Rotate
    0907 Working In Full-Screen Mode
    0908 Controlling Spaces With Gestures
10. Setting Up A User Account
    1001 Introduction
    1002 Setting Up An Account
    1003 Fast User Switching And Setting Permissions
11. Safari
    1101 Introduction
    1102 Working With Safari Preferences
    1103 Surfing And Searching
    1104 Top Sites And Reading Lists
    1105 Organization Through Folders
    1106 Controlling Safari History
    1107 Saving Websites To The Dashboard
12. E-Mail With Apple Mail 5
    1201 Introduction
    1202 Setting Up Mail Preferences
    1203 Setting Up A Mail Account
    1204 Using Mail Rules
    1205 Configuring The Mail Workspace
    1206 Organizing With Mailboxes
    1207 Working With Conversations
    1208 Sending An E-Mail
    1209 Working With Mail Finder
    1210 Transferring Mail Accounts
13. The Amazing iTunes
    1301 Introduction
    1302 iTunes Preferences
    1303 Converting A CD Library To iTunes
    1304 Creating A Playlist
    1305 Adding Album Artwork
    1306 Generating Smart Playlists
    1307 Working With iTunes And Movies
    1308 Using The iTunes Visualizer
    1309 The iTunes Store
14. Working with QuickTime, iChat And The Finder
    1401 Introduction
    1402 Editing With QuickTime
    1403 Screen, Audio and Move Capture
    1404 iChat Basics
    1405 Screen Sharing In iChat
    1406 Cool Finder Tricks
    1407 Working In The Finder With Folder Actions
15. Working With iCal
    1501 Introduction
    1502 Setting iCal Preferences
    1503 iCal Interface And Features
    1504 Setting Up Events, Reminders And Invitees
    1505 Restoring iCal From An Archive
    1506 Syncing iCal With Other Devices
16. Automator And The Terminal
    1601 Introduction
    1602 Working In Automator
    1603 Using Multiple Tasks With Automator
    1604 The Terminal App
    1605 Final Thoughts


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