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Apple Pro Training Series: Advanced Editing Techniques in Final Cut Pro 5

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Apple Pro Training Series: Advanced Editing Techniques in Final Cut Pro 5

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  • Copyright 2006
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-321-33549-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-33549-4

In the only Apple-certified guide to advanced video editing techniques, award-winning filmmaker Michael Wohl delivers comprehensive training in the real-world skills that professionals use every day. Working through six hours of superb raw footage on two DVD-9 discs, you’ll learn to cut dialogue, action, comedy, chases, fights, interviews, documentaries, music videos, and multi-camera projects, as well as complete an entire audio mix.

Unlike other software books, Wohl teaches you to use Final Cut Pro’s advanced features while you explore the art of crafting a story on film. So, for example, rather than just learn how dynamic trimming works, you’ll learn why it works and in what situations you’d want to use it. And as you perfect your split edits, you’ll learn to match angles, cut for reactions, and use cutaways and inserts effectively in dialogue. You’ll discover how editing choices make comedy funny, drama moving, or chases suspenseful. Along the way, Wohl shares valuable tips on creating polished transitions, refining rough edits, and fixing screen direction errors. The book also covers audio editing and finishing, managing clips and media, transcoding video, and working with film and 24p—all in the context of making you a better editor and a more effective storyteller.

• DVD-ROM includes lesson and media files for over 40 hours of training
• Focused lessons take you step-by-step through practical, real-world projects
• Accessible writing style puts an expert instructor at your side
• Ample illustrations and keyboard shortcuts help you master techniques fast
• Lesson goals and time estimates help you plan your time
• Chapter review questions summarize what you’ve learned

The Apple Pro Training Series is both a self-paced learning tool and the official curriculum of the Apple Pro Training and Certification Program. Upon completing the course material in this book, you can become a certified Apple Pro by taking the certification exam at an Apple Authorized Training Center. To find an Authorized Training Center near you, go to

About the Author
Michael Wohl is best known as one of the principal designers of Final Cut Pro, a role he held for more than five years. As a director and editor, he has won numerous awards including the coveted CINE Golden Eagle award in 1993. Michael’s films have been featured in film festivals worldwide, and his first feature, “WANT,” will be released on DVD in 2006. He has taught classes on editing, directing, and digital filmmaking at institutions including the American Film Institute, UCLA, and Pixar University, and has been a featured speaker at film festivals and conferences including DV Expo, South by Southwest, and Macworld Expo.

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Editing Action

Editing Action in Final Cut Pro 5

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Dramatic EditingLesson 1Editing Dialogue
Lesson 2     Editing Complex Dialogue
Lesson 3     Editing Action
Lesson 4     Chases and Fights
Lesson 5     Editing Comedy

Cutting Nonfiction MaterialLesson 6 Editing Documentaries
Lesson 7     Documenting an Event
Lesson 8     Music Videos
Lesson 9     Multicamera Editing

Working with AudioLesson 10 Sound Editing
Lesson 11     Audio Finishing

Project ManagementLesson 12 Advanced Clip Management
Lesson 13     Managing Media
Lesson 14     Transcoding and Outputting Video
Lesson 15     Working with Film Source

Appendix      Final Cut Studio Workflows



Page 297. These steps should follow the paragraph under Step 9:

9b. Choose Modify > Timecode.
9c. Click the checkbox next to Aux TC 1.
9d. In the format pop-up menu, choose Non-Drop Frame. Set the Rate to 30.
9e. Enter the time code 00011622 (1:16:22).
9f. Click OK to close the window.

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