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Creating Web Video with Adobe Premiere

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Creating Web Video with Adobe Premiere


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  • Expert coverage of the entire Web video production process—Covers hardware selection, production planning, scriptwriting, shooting, recording, capturing, editing, compression, and delivery.
    • Helps students understand how Premiere video editing fits into the overall process of planning, creating, and delivering effective Web video.

  • Realistic solutions and tradeoffs—Covers the key challenges and limitations of Web video, including bandwidth constraints and compression issues.
    • Shows students how to manage the tradeoffs that are central to effective Web video production and delivery.

  • Step-by-step examples—Presents specific, easy-to-follow techniques for every phase of Web video editing and production.
    • Gives students “cookbook” techniques they can follow to accomplish a wide range of essential Web video tasks.

  • Profiles of Web video pioneers with samples of their work—Contains interviews with leading Web video professionals showing how they broke into the field and how they've done their best work.
    • Brings the field of Web video to life, showing students what it really takes to succeed.

  • Real-world projects using leading tools—Shows how to use Premiere in combination with other key tools, such as Terran Cleaner.
    • Reflects the realities of Web video production, in which Premiere is used in tandem with many other specialized tools.

  • Finished sample projects from leading Web video professionals—Contains a library of completed Web video projects on CD-ROM.
    • Shows students how the book's techniques come together in state-of-the-art professional work.

  • Project files on CD-ROM—Accompany lessons on Web compression and more.
    • Students get hands-on experience in Web compression and other Web video skills.


  • Copyright 2003
  • Dimensions: 7 x 9
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-201-77184-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-77184-8

These days, Web video isn't just for multimedia geeks. From news sites to indie film producers to major film studios, the Web is enabling filmmakers and broadcasters of all kinds to reach a vast audience. But producing quality video for delivery via the Web-movies that deliver the maximum punch per pixel—is no easy feat. This book helps you learn how to make your movies look great on the Web and gain access to an audience of millions.

Director and producer Thomas Luehrsen has been telling stories in film and video for over 15 years, including 10 years telling stories at teeny size—on CD-ROM and the Web. In Creating Web Video with Adobe Premiere, Luehrsen guides you through the entire process of creating video for the Web, from buying the right camera and microphone to deciphering the inner secrets of Web video compression. Along the way, he explains how to use the latest digital video equipment for seamless video capture, how to edit and compress movies with Adobe Premiere, and how to use Adobe GoLive to place them on Web pages and streaming servers. Read interviews with masters of Web video and take a guided tour of some of the best—and quirkiest—Web video being made today. The companion CD-ROM contains demo versions of Adobe Premiere and Adobe GoLive, as well as sample video and audio files for you to use in the tutorials throughout the book.

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Sounding Good with Premiere

Table of Contents

1. Watching Web Video.

Getting Ready to Watch.

2. Shooting Smart.

Choosing a Camera. Shooting for the Web.

3. Sounding Good.

Making Sense of Microphones. Tips for Recording Good Audio.

4. Capturing Capably.

Equipping Your System for Capture. Capturing Video with Premiere.

5. Editing Effectively.

Getting Ready to Edit. Making Your Movie:

6. The Big Squeeze: Compression.

Understanding the Tools. Understanding the Compression Process. Using Premiere to Compress Your Movie. Compressing with the Save for Web Feature. Compressing for RealOne Player. Compressing for Windows Media Player.

7. Hard Disk Delivery.

Downloading to Viewers Everywhere. The Web's Basic Language: HTML. Using Web Authoring Tools. Designing Web Pages for Video.

8. Streaming Your Way.

Adding Streaming Movies to Your Web Site. Streaming with RealSystem. Streaming with Windows Media. Streaming with QuickTime. Creating Fallback Movies for Backwards Compatibility. The Future.



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