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CSS3: Video QuickStart

CSS3: Video QuickStart

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Videos can be viewed on: Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and all versions of Macintosh OS X including the iPad, and other platforms that support the industry standard h.264 video codec. Requires the free QuickTime Player software.

Chapter 1

Welcome & Getting the Right Tools, CSS3: Video QuickStart

An overview of the collection of videos and a look at three tools you can use to create your HTML and CSS code.

Duration: 00:04:30  File Size: 99 MB


Chapter 2

HTML Document, The, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Putting together a solid HTML5 structure for your web pages.

Duration: 00:03:33  File Size: 8 MB


Chapter 3

Semantic Web, The, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Understand why structure matters.

Duration: 00:01:43  File Size: 5 MB


Chapter 4

Adding Content, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Adding content to the basic structure, including figures.

Duration: 00:02:21  File Size: 27 MB


Chapter 5

Adding Links and Navigation

Set up the global navigation for your website.

Duration: 00:03:02  File Size: 25 MB


Chapter 6

Understanding Progressive Enhancement, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Move away from "pixel perfect" design and learn the idea behind the modern web design philosophy of progressive enhancement.

Duration: 00:03:01  File Size: 13 MB


Chapter 7

Creating a Grid, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Turn your structure into a grid-based layout using CSS.

Duration: 00:03:34  File Size: 46 MB


Chapter 8

Adding Space and Size, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Adjust column widths for a fluid design.

Duration: 00:03:32  File Size: 53 MB


Chapter 9

Controlling Typography, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Web design is 90% typography. Start playing with your own styles here.

Duration: 00:03:52  File Size: 44 MB


Chapter 10

Adding Webfonts

Webfonts will allow you to expand from 5 font choices to 50 thousand.

Duration: 00:02:33  File Size: 22 MB


Chapter 11

Adding a Splash of Color

There's a new way to set color on the Web: HSL.

Duration: 00:03:25  File Size: 22 MB


Chapter 12

Styling Borders and Backgrounds, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Add multiple background images and border images to your designs.

Duration: 00:04:08  File Size: 28 MB


Chapter 13

Styling Links and Controls, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Link styles can look much better if you don't leave them in their default styles.  

Duration: 00:02:21  File Size: 21 MB


Chapter 14

Adding Transitions, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Transition changes to create a more professional interface.

Duration: 00:02:02  File Size: 14 MB


Chapter 15

Understanding Responsive Design, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Learn what a responsive design is and how it will change the way you think about your content.

Duration: 00:01:24  File Size: 30 MB


Chapter 16

Using Conditional Styles

Problems with Internet Explorer? Use conditional styles to fix them.

Duration: 00:02:16  File Size: 15 MB


Chapter 17

Using Media Queries, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Use media queries to quickly adapt a design to the capabilities of the device.  

Duration: 00:02:12  File Size: 26 MB


Chapter 18

Planning an Adaptive Design, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Adaptive designs are flexible, up to a point.

Duration: 00:02:24  File Size: 36 MB


Chapter 19

Choosing the Breakpoints, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Choose the right point to alter your design for the device.

Duration: 00:01:59  File Size: 12 MB


Chapter 20

Adjusting Styles for Medium Screens, CSS3: Video QuickStart

Some tips for designing for tablets.

Duration: 00:02:00  File Size: 30 MB


Chapter 21

Adjusting Styles for Small Screens & Final Word

Some tips for designing for smart-phones.

Duration: 00:02:55  File Size: 56 MB

Your browser doesn't support playback of this video. Please download the file to view it.

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-337318-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-337318-9

CSS3 is indispensable for creating modern, well designed Web pages. This video is exactly what you need if you’re new to CSS3 or need to get up to speed on the latest updates. Its short, engaging lessons take you step-by-step through setting up your page and then styling them. The video will take you through the basics from adding content, links, and controls to advanced concepts like responsive design so you can make Web pages that are elegant on any device.

Jason Cranford Teague is a long standing leader in the Web design community, writing over a dozen books and hundreds of articles, explaining complex technical concepts in ways that are easily understandable to non-technical audiences. Jason is the author most recently of CSS3 Visual Quickstart Guide (Peachpit, 6th edition 2012) and Fluid Web Typography (New Riders; 2009). Jason is also a highly sought after speaker, talking regularly at WebVisions, SXSW, edUI, and HOW.

Jason blogs for GeekDad ( <> ) and tweets @JasonSpeaking.


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