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Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide, Rough Cuts

Rough Cuts

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  • Rough Cuts are manuscripts that are developed but not yet published, available through Safari. Rough Cuts provide you access to the very latest information on a given topic and offer you the opportunity to interact with the author to influence the final publication.

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9"
  • Pages: 264
  • Edition: 1st
  • Rough Cuts
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-65880-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-65880-7

This is the Rough Cut version of the printed book.

Visual QuickStart Guides, designed in an attractive tutorial and reference format, are the quickest, easiest, and most thorough way to learn applications, tasks, and technologies. The Visual QuickStart Guides are a smart choice and guide the learner in a friendly and respectful tone. Visually presented with copious screenshots, the focused discussions by topic and tasks make learning a breeze and quickly take you to exactly what you want to learn.

The free and open-source package Drupal is one of the most user-friendly and popular web content management systems (CMSes) available. Sites built on it are highly visible and include The White House and Amnesty International. Its web-based interface allows those with little or no experience to create professional-looking sites quickly while its flexibility gives them access to such features as blogs, polls, and forums.

Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide uses plenty of screenshots and step-by-step instructions to walk a reader through the process of building a site using Drupal. To begin, the book details the process of downloading and unpacking Drupal, creating the MySQL database, and installing Drupal. It then moves on to explain the administrative interfaces, how to select a visual theme and create and customize content, and how to improve access to that content. Next the book walks readers through managing user accounts, customizing Drupal’s look and feel, and extending Drupal with modules.

Although Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide is written for beginners, it goes beyond the basic package to ease readers into  advanced topics. A glossary and cross-references throughout the book give readers complete possession of the concepts, vocabulary, and steps necessary to reach Drupal mastery. From start to finish, it’s a complete guide for getting up and running with Drupal 7.

Sample Content

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Getting Drupal Up and Running 
Fulfilling Drupal’s Requirements
Downloading and Unpacking Drupal
Creating the MySQL Database 
Using phpMyAdmin 
Installing Drupal

Chapter 2 Establishing Your Drupal Site 
Using the New Administrative Interfaces in Drupal 7
Turning on Built-In Features 
Giving Your Site Its Identity 
Selecting a Visual Theme
Monitoring Your Drupal Site 
Packaging Your Drupal Site 

Chapter 3 Creating and Managing Content
Gaining More Control of Individual Nodes
Creating Other Types of Content 
Finding, Editing, and Deleting Content

Chapter 4 Customizing Content  
Defining Custom Types of Content
Putting Images and Styled Text in Content

Chapter 5 Making Content Interactive 
Enabling Interactive Content Types 
Categorizing Content with Taxonomies 
Mastering Text Formats 
Mastering Image Styles 

Chapter 6 Improving Access to Content
Making Content Searchable
Directing Traffic with Menus 
Laying Out Your Site with Blocks 

Chapter 7 Wrangling Users
Managing User Accounts  
Controlling How Users Interact with Their Accounts 
Defining User Roles and Permissions 
Building and Protecting Your User Community 

Chapter 8 Customizing Drupal’s Look and Feel
Creating a New Theme
Changing Theme Graphics and Typography with CSS

Chapter 9 Extending Drupal with Modules
Using Modules 
Modules: The Drupal 7 Challenge
Resources for Evaluating Modules
Appendix Getting (and Giving) Help 
Glossary Drupal Terms and Culture



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