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Flash ActionScript for Designers: Drag, Slide, Fade

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Flash ActionScript for Designers: Drag, Slide, Fade

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1047-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1047-4

A visual approach to explaining and exploring the power of ActionScript for those who design with it. Organized according to differing creative areas, each basic type of project is deconstructed, with components broken down and ActionScript code explained; variations are then suggested. Four-color, with lots of visuals and annotated code.



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The Flash 'Slide' Algorithm

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Hillman Curtis.

1. Release.

Taking the Mystery Out of Coding. Movie Clips (Objects). Movie Clip Timelines. Variables. Variables Inside Movie Clips. Making Decisions. Conclusion.

2. Drag.

Basic Drag 'n' Drop Setup. Detecting Where the Clip Is Dropped. Getting the Color of a Movie Clip. Streamlining the Code. Draggable Masks. Conclusion.

3. Slide

Creating Sliding Panels for Navigation and Transition Effects. Other Uses of the Slide Algorithm. Multiple Mouse Slide. Coding the Multiple Movement Algorithm. Using Functions to Make Efficient Code. Passing Parameters to Functions. Duplicating the Movie Clip On-the-Fly. Adding Scale to the Effect. The Sliding Mask Transition Effect. Creating the Function for X and Y Movement. Adding to the Transition Effect. Conclusion.

4. Fade.

Using ActionScript to Create Intelligent Reactive Fades. Normal Fade Versus Programmed Fade. Work Smarter. Versatility of Smart Clips. Taking Usability Through the Roof. Conclusion.

5. Listen.

Controlling the Volume. Setting the Slider Start Position. Controlling Individual Sounds. Stopping and Starting All Sounds. Creating a Reverb/Echo Effect. Simple Delay Effect. Conclusion.

6. Capture.

Capturing User Input. Detecting Key Presses. Detecting Other Keys. Detecting Any Key Press. Creating a Keycode-Finding Script. Using an Array. Adding Numbers to the Array. Searching the Array. Capturing Mouse Coordinates. Local Versus Global Coordinates. Calculating the Mouse Distance. Recording and Playing Back Movement. Resetting the Animation. Conclusion.

7. Build.

Techniques for Building Flash Composite Movies. Masking External Flash Movies. Loading External SWFs. Revealing the SWF. Loading In the Clips. Creating the External SWF. Controlling the Slideshow. Controlling the Reveal. Preloading the External SWF. Testing the Slideshow. Color Tweening Across Levels. Creating the Navigation Movie for Level 2. Setting the Color. Conclusion.

8. Type.

Dynamic Typography. Basic Technique. Text Fields-Gotta Love 'Em! Creating the Movie Clip. Attaching the Movie Clip. Pick, Build, Reveal Effect. The String Construction Function. Building the Text Movie Clip. Creating the Trigger Loop. Altering the Effect. The Dynamic Typographic Engine. Kerning. Creating the Type Template. Creating the Main Function. What It Means-Line By Line. Distressing the Text. Removing Old Movie Clips. Sorting the Kerning. Conclusion.

9. Choose.

Dynamic Buttons and Menus. Using XML Files. Loading an XML document. Setting the X and Y Positions. Initializing Variables. Testing the Movie. Dynamically Creating Pages. Truly Versatile Scripting. Conclusion.

10. Calculate.

Designing with Some Sums. Pseudo Perspective. Adjusting the Scaling. Adding Alpha Changes. Accounting for the Z Index. Dynamic Lines. The SpringBox Rollover. Calculating a Line. Improving the Effect. Adding a Bounce! Conclusion.

Appendix: About the Web Site.

Source Files. Resources. Additional Downloads. Feedback.



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