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Illustrator CS6: Video QuickStart

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Illustrator CS6: Video QuickStart

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Chapter 1

Create a Document with Multiple Artboards

Adobe Illustrator is used for the design and creation of artwork that is used across different media. Artwork is created and placed on a document's artboard. Illustrator files can contain multiple artboards, each a different size.

Duration: 00:08:46  File Size: 19 MB


Chapter 2

Draw Different Geometric Shapes

Adobe Illustrator's Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star, Line Segment, and Spiral tools allow you to add many different shapes to your document.

Duration: 00:06:16  File Size: 16 MB


Chapter 3

Select Artwork and Edit Paths

Learn how to select objects, paths, line segments, and more in Adobe Illustrator. By selecting correctly, you can change the color of artwork, alter the shape, create copies, or set alignments.

Duration: 00:05:37  File Size: 28 MB


Chapter 4

Create Artwork by Combining Simple Shapes

Build complex shapes by starting from basic shapes and then combining these with other shapes. Illustrator's Shape Builder tool and Pathfinder panel are two of the features available to you for the creation of more complex shapes.

Duration: 00:06:19  File Size: 15 MB


Chapter 5

Transform Artwork

Simple transformations allow you to change the position, shape, size, and angle of selected artwork. Illustrator contains a number of transformation tools, such as the Scale, Rotate, and Shear tools that assist with artwork transformations.

Duration: 00:07:37  File Size: 27 MB


Chapter 6

Apply Stroke and Fill Colors to Selected Objects

Adobe Illustrator's stroke and fill feature allows you to apply different line effects and colors to selected objects. There are a number of of tools and panels available that help adjust and apply colors and stroke features to artwork. The width tool creates variable width lines. The Stroke panel not only controls line thickness, but also dash patterns and arrowhead settings. Colors can be mixed in a variety of ways, using the Color Guide, Color, and Swatches panels. Frequently used colors can be organised using the Swatches panel.

Duration: 00:07:26  File Size: 19 MB


Chapter 7

Create a Pattern

Adobe Illustrator CS6 introduces a newer and easier way to build and edit patterns. Learn how it allows you to control how patterns are repeated and sized.

Duration: 00:11:13  File Size: 40 MB


Chapter 8

Apply a Gradient to a Fill or Stroke

Gradients consist of two or more solid colors that gradually blend towards each other and can appear in either radial or linear order. The way in which a gradient is applied to artwork depends on the gradient length, angle, and position. Frequently used gradients can be added to the Swatches panel. Learn how to apply a gradient to a fill or stroke.

Duration: 00:08:12  File Size: 22 MB


Chapter 9

Apply Colors from a Swatch Group to a Cartoon Using Live Paint

Live Paint, including its automatic gap detection, provides a great way to colorize paths or strokes. Turning artwork into Live Paint groups means you can use the Live Paint Bucket to easily drop a selected color onto your artwork.

Duration: 00:06:10  File Size: 17 MB


Chapter 10

Work with Layers

Without the use of layers all objects and text added to Adobe Illustrator will be stacked in a single (default) layer. Introducing layers into your artwork will allow you to easily select related objects, locate groups, reorder content and more.

Duration: 00:07:10  File Size: 22 MB


Chapter 11

Use Appearances to Create Cool Image Effects

The Appearance panel allows you to apply one or more stroke and fills to selected objects. You can also use it to apply a range of visual effects to your artwork, which can be edited at any stage. Appearances can be reused when turned into Graphic Styles.

Duration: 00:08:40  File Size: 26 MB


Chapter 12

Turn Scanned or Digital Images into Illustrator Vector Artwork

Image tracing converts pixel based images (photos) into editable Adobe Illustrator artwork. The Image Trace panel provides a range of tracing settings for different tracing purposes. For instance Black & White tracing for conversion of ink drawn cartoon artwork. Tracing settings can be adjusted and previewed to get the best possible results.

Duration: 00:07:58  File Size: 21 MB


Chapter 13

Place Type Inside an Object Shape and Along a Path

Type in Adobe Illustrator can flow within object shapes, along paths, or sit on an individual baseline. The Area Type tool helps you create type inside a path. The Type on a Path tool lets you set type along the shape of a path and position on the path. Alignment and effect can be changed to create different visual text effects.

Duration: 00:10:28  File Size: 31 MB


Chapter 14

Build a Pattern Brush

Brushes allow you to turn plain paths into beautiful strokes. There are a range of brush types available in Adobe Illustrator. Calligraphy brushes are pressure sensitive and draw with various thickness. Bristle brushes behave like artists brushes and contain different bristle density, thickness, and stiffness controls. Scatter brushes are used to scatter artwork along a selected path. Art brushes can wrap artwork along the length of a path. Pattern brushes are used to build continuous border type effects.

Duration: 00:07:47  File Size: 22 MB


Chapter 15

Draw Shapes with the Pen Tool

Adobe Illustrator contains a number of drawing tools that allow you to draw freehand, but the Pen tool gives you full control over the shapes you draw. Learn how you can control the length and curvature of each path you draw through clicking, click-dragging, and holding down certain keys on the keyboard to change smooth to corner points or vise versa.

Duration: 00:10:40  File Size: 24 MB


Chapter 16

Draw Inside a Shape

Clipping Masks behave like image frames by masking any artwork that falls outside the mask area. Any shape can be used as a mask objects. Using Adobe Illustrator's draw inside mode automatically turns selected artwork into a Clipping Mask.

Duration: 00:04:41  File Size: 15 MB


Chapter 17

Create and Reuse a Symbol

Learn how symbols are reusable pieces of artwork that are placed as instances of an original in Adobe Illustrator. Editing a symbol will automatically result in updating of all instances used throughout artwork. The symbol sprayer allows you to easily add lots of instances of a symbol to artwork, change size, opacity, and color of them.

Duration: 00:07:26  File Size: 30 MB


Chapter 18

Assign New Colors to Your Artwork with Recolor Artwork

Adobe Illustrator provides a range of features that allow you to change the colors of your artwork. Recolor Artwork is one such feature, which allows you to map colors from selected artwork to other colors, reduce the number of colors in the artwork, build new color groups, and more.

Duration: 00:07:00  File Size: 19 MB


Chapter 19

Understand Transparency in Your Files

Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator can contain live transparency effects (a drop shadow that interacts with artwork below). When saving artwork to certain formats Illustrator's transparent objects are flattened. Learn about how the Transparency Flattener option assists in outline with how and where artwork could be affected by flattening.

Duration: 00:03:55  File Size: 12 MB


Chapter 20

Print your Illustrator Files

Printing from Adobe Illustrator is easy. Learn how to print a composite proof to review your artwork/design or view a cmyk color separation output before sending the work to a commercial printer.

Duration: 00:12:13  File Size: 38 MB


Chapter 21

Save Illustrator Files for Use in Other Applications

Adobe Illustrator files can be saved in different file formats. Learn how to save the files in Illustrator (.ai) format. Other applications such as Adobe InDesign can place Illustrator artwork and even select which layers or artboards to place.

Duration: 00:06:08  File Size: 22 MB


  • Copyright 2013
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-325752-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-325752-6

Adobe Illustrator is an essential tool for anyone who designs and creates artwork for use across different media from print to web. Illustrator CS6 offers a dizzying array of tools for creating, adjusting, and manipulating your graphics—and one of the most challenging parts of using Illustrator can be figuring out where to start.
This video is exactly what you need if you’re new to Illustrator or would like to learn the new features of CS6. The short, engaging lessons show the program’s key features and tools in action, from creating multiple artboards to printing or posting your final work. Along the way, the video covers Illustrator fundamentals such as selecting objects, creating shapes, applying gradients, using layers, tracing images, and applying Live Paint. This video offers clear demonstrations and tips on how to use each feature.
About the trainer: Cari Jansen is an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) and member of the Adobe Influencer and Training Partner Programs. She is based in Perth, Australia, and has more than 15 years of experience as a print and electronic publishing consultant, technical writer, and public speaker. For more information visit her website at


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