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InDesign CS5: Video QuickStart Guide, Online Video

InDesign CS5: Video QuickStart Guide, Online Video

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Edition: 1st
  • Online Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-248106-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-248106-9

Adobe InDesign CS5 for Macintosh and Windows: Video QuickStart Guide highlights the important software features, both those new to InDesign CS5, and ones in previous versions of InDesign. More than two hours of video addresses many of InDesign’s most challenging tools and features. Coverage of InDesign CS5's features includes: working with text effects applying styles to characters and paragraphs; creating custom strokes and corners for objects; an in-depth tutorial on the Pen tool, and much more.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started
a. Working with panels 05:56
b. Using Contextual Menus 02:08

2. Document Setup
a. Setting up Documents 17:23
b. Working with Guides 10:56

3. Basic Text
a. Typing Text 08:37
b. Using the Character Panel 09:46
c. Applying Paragraph Formatting 10:41

4. Working with Objects
a. Types of Frames 06:48
b. Replicating Objects 04:11
c. Using the Transform Panel 06:59

5. Working in Color
a. The Basics of Color 23:20

6. Fills, Strokes, Effects
a. Creating Custom Stroke Styles 10:22
b. Corner Options 05:58
c. Working with Effects 04:54
d. Using the Pathfinder Commands 05:31

7. Points and Paths
a. Pen Points 23:29

8. Imported Graphics
a. Placing Artwork 08:11
b. Setting the Image Import Options 06:20
c. Working with Images Inside Frames 08:46
d. Importing Transparent Images 06:26

9. Text Effects
a. Wrapping Text 10:11
b. Wrapping Text 03:49
c. Text on a Path 07:16

10. Pages and Books
a. Navigating and Moving Pages 14:45

11. Layers
a. Creating and Deleting Layers 10:45
b. Working with Layers 06:27

12. Libraries and Snippets
a. Storing Items in a Library 09:22
b. Creating and Using Snippets 05:53

13. Tabs and Table
a. Inserting Tab Characters 07:53
b. Creating and Using Tables Part 1 06:37
c. Creating and Using Tables Part 2 05:36
d. Working with Rows and Columns 05:27

14. Automating Your Work
a. Using the GREP Find/Change 06:59
b. Using the Story Editor 03:38
c. Using the Eyedropper on Text 04:14
d. Installing and Running Scripts 07:18

15. Styles
a. Working with Paragraph Styles 14:38
b. Working with Character Styles 07:12
c. Applying Styles and Style Overrides 02:29
d. Working with Object Styles 07:40

16. Typography
a. Optical Margin Alignment 03:56
b. Baseline Grid 06:27
c. Using OpenType 05:34

17. Color Management
a. Choosing Color Settings 04:46

18. Interactive & Multimedia
This Chapter Has No Associated Video

19. Output
a. Setting the General Print Options 05:17
b. Creating Preflight Profiles 07:20
c. Packaging a Document 03:21

20. Exporting
a. Setting the Export File Options 19:49

21. Customizing
a. General Preferences Controls 14:40
b. Trashing Preferences 11:31


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