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Inside Dreamweaver MX

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Inside Dreamweaver MX

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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1181-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1181-5

Whether you are new to Dreamweaver or a seasoned professional, Inside Dreamweaver MX will help you use the new and powerful Dreamweaver MX to its fullest extent. Not just another rehash of the documentation, this completely revised and comprehensive book broadens your understanding through hands-on projects, tips, and techniques. These pages are your guide to:

Learning about all the new features Dreamweaver MX offers, such as a Tag Library Editor, customizable tools, pre-built Snippets, the Site Definition Wizard, cloaking, and more Using databases to create dynamic web pages with ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, PHP and JSP Implementing the new accessibility options Extending your working environment with extensions Optimizing site and asset management Using behaviors to control layers Using Flash MX to build interactive web pages Using templates and libraries to simplify the design process Integrating Flash and Fireworks into Dreamweaver MX

Inside Dreamweaver MX's carefully designed exercises will demystify advanced techniques. Insightful interviews with industry leaders and enlightening deconstruction of a variety of web site elements will help you uncover common web design pitfalls and avoid them in your own work.



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Inside Dreamweaver MX Tables

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Sample Chapter from the book - 2.3 mb - Chapter 10 - Using Dreamweaver's Page Layout Aids

Table of Contents


1. What's New with Dreamweaver MX?

Improved Interface Page Design Site Design DHTML and Multimedia Code Editing XML/XHTML Support Dynamic Data Summary.

2. Setting Up the Dreamweaver Workspace.

How Dreamweaver Thinks The New Dreamweaver Workspaces Touring the Dreamweaver Interface Getting Help Summary.

3. Creating and Working with Documents.

Creating New Documents Workflow in Dreamweaver Importing Pages from Other Sources Dealing with Browsers Summary.

4. Working with Text.

HTML and CSS Typing, Copying/Pasting, and Importing Text into Dreamweaver Formatting Text with the Property Inspector Text Formatting with the Dreamweaver HTML Styles Feature Special Characters Using Images as Text Working with Dynamic Text Elements Summary.

5. Working with Images.

Images and the Web Designing with Images Interview: Marion Kaltenschnee Special Uses for Images Working with Dynamic Images Editing Images: Working with External Editors Summary.

6. Links and Navigation.

How Links Work in the Browser Basic Link Creation in Dreamweaver Dynamic Links Email Links Named Anchors Image Maps Jump Menus Rollovers Navigation Bars Summary.

7. Utilizing Head Content.

How Head Content Works Interview: Lisa Tannenbaum Working with Head Content in Dreamweaver Working with <meta> Tags Dynamic Tables Working with Other Head Content Summary.


8. Design Issues.

Usability Navigation and Site Structure Design Methods of Page Layout Interview: Corey Eiges Page Composition Issues Use of Color Summary.

9. Building Tables.

HTML Tables: Only for Tabular Data? How Table Code Works Working with Tables in Dreamweaver Tables and Page Layout: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em Sliced-Image Tables Summary.

10. Using Dreamweaver's Page Layout Aids.

Viewing Aids Layout View The Convert Layers to Table Command Summary.

11. Working with Forms.

How Forms Work in the Browser Creating Forms in Dreamweaver Behaviors and Forms Strategies for Working with Forms Dynamic Data and Forms Taking Forms Further Interview: Adrian Senior Server-Side Scripts for Processing Forms Summary.

12. Designing Frame-Based Pages.

Frame Basics Interview: Murray Summers Building Framesets in Dreamweaver Working with Frames Setting Attributes Linking and Targeting Working with <noframes> Summary.

13. Using Cascading Style Sheets.

What Are Cascading Style Sheets? Styles, Style Sheets, and Where They're Kept Creating Cascading Style Sheets in Dreamweaver Interview: Nick Bradbury Working with Redefined HTML Tags Working with Custom Classes CSS Selectors Combining Style Sheets Summary

14. Using Layers for Page Layout.

Layers: The Basics Working with Layers in Dreamweaver Taking Dreamweaver Layers Further Interview: M. Kosloff Summary.


15. Multimedia Issues.

What Is Multimedia? Designing with Multimedia The Big Picture Summary.

16. Getting Interactive with Behaviors.

Behaviors and JavaScript Working with Behaviors in Dreamweaver Behaviors and Dynamic Data Some Useful Behaviors Working Sneakily with Behaviors Summary.

17. Controlling Layers with JavaScript.

Dynamic HTML: Layers and Scripting in the Browser Controlling Layer Visibility Controlling Layer Contents Dragging and Dropping Layers Controlling Other Layer Properties Summary.

18. Animating Layers.

How JavaScript Animation Works The Timeline Interface Animating Layers Animating Images Timelines and Behaviors Working with Multiple Timelines Summary.

19. Plugins, ActiveX, and Java.

Extending the Browser with Plugins and ActiveX Extending the Browser with Java Summary.

20. Building Web Pages with Flash.

What Is Flash? Working with Flash in Dreamweaver Interview: Jennifer Bennett Working with Full-Screen Flash Pages Flash and JavaScript Flash Text and Flash Buttons Summary.


21. Development Issues: Planning Your Site.

What Do You Want to Do? Who Is Going to Visit Your Site? What Are They Going to See? Other Considerations Organizing Your Files Interview: Angela C. Buraglia Choosing a Web Host Summary.

22. Local Site Management.

How Dreamweaver Handles Local Sites Defining a Local Site Working in the Site Panel File and Link Management Within a Site Assets Management with the Assets Panel Summary.

23. Site Publishing and Maintenance.

How Dreamweaver Works with Remote Sites Defining a Remote Site in Dreamweaver Working with a Remote Site Keeping Local and Remote Sites Synchronized Summary.

24. Workplace Collaboration.

Challenges of Working in a Design Team Using Design Notes for Improved Workflow Version Control Creating Project Workflow Reports Summary.

25. Templates and Libraries.

Dreamweaver Site-Wide Content Tools Working with Templates Working with Library Items Interview: Becky Tench Strategies for Working with Templates and Library Items Summary.


26. Introduction to Dynamic Dreamweaver.

Dynamic Web Sites and How They Work Getting Started with Dynamic Development Dynamic Development Tools in Dreamweaver MX Summary.

27. Building a Basic ASP Site.

Setting Up Your Workstation to Work with ASP Setting Up an ASP Site in Dreamweaver Setting Up a Database Connection Displaying Dynamic Data Summary.

28. Building a Basic ASP.NET Site.

Setting Up a Workstation for ASP.NET Setting Up an ASP.NET Site in Dreamweaver Displaying Dynamic Data Using ASP.NET Summary.

29. Building a Basic ColdFusion Site.

Setting Up Your Workstation to Work With ColdFusion Setting Up a ColdFusion Site in Dreamweaver Setting Up a Database Connection Displaying Dynamic Data Using ColdFusion Summary.

30. Building a Basic PHP Site.

Setting Up Your Workstation to Work with PHP Setting Up a PHP Site in Dreamweaver Setting Up a Database Connection Displaying Dynamic Data Summary.

31. Building a Basic JSP Site.

Setting Up Your Workstation to Work with JSP Setting Up a JSP Site in Dreamweaver Interview: Harlow Pinson Setting Up a Database Connection Displaying Dynamic Data Summary.


32. Technical Issues.

Markup Languages Scripting Languages Summary.

33. Writing Code in Dreamweaver.

Using Dreamweaver as a Text Editor Linking to External Text Editors Tag Libraries and the Tag Library Editor Advanced Search and Replace Editing Non-HTML Markup with Dreamweaver Writing JavaScript in Dreamweaver Summary.

34. Customizing Dreamweaver.
35. Working with Extensions.

How Dreamweaver Is Configured Working with the Configuration Folder Installing and Using Extensions Summary.

36. Creating Extensions.

Before Getting Started The Dreamweaver API Creating Object Extensions Creating Command Extensions Summary.


Appendix A. Using Dreamweaver and Fireworks Together.

Placing Fireworks Files in Dreamweaver Documents Launching Fireworks from Within Dreamweaver Optimizing Fireworks Images or Animations in Dreamweaver Placeholders.

Appendix B. Online Resources for Dreamweaver Web Developers.

The Macromedia Online Forums Resources on the Web.

Appendix C. Introduction to MySQL.

What Is MySQL? Setting Up MySQL (Mac OS X) Getting Around in MySQL Resources and Further Reading.

Appendix D. What's on the CD-ROM.

System Requirements Loading the CD Files The Exercise Files Read This Before Opening the Software.




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Update Pack. This Zip file contains all updated filess to date. Posted 12/04/02 - 230 kb --

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