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Learning Apple Motion 5

Learning Apple Motion 5

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-357154-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-357154-7

In this video training course for Apple Motion 5, expert and Apple Certified Trainer Matt Schalk takes you through the ins and outs of this image effects software package from Apple.  You will learn how to create titles, animations, transitions, and other effects to make your video and broadcast productions come to life!
The tutorial begins with an exploration of the user interface, and an overview of setting up and managing your Motion projects.  Once the basics have been covered, Matt jumps right into the application of these tools with a lesson on basic compositing.  Continuing on, you will learn how to apply and modify behaviors, use keyframing, masking, and work with particles, replication, and text.  You will also learn how to use tracking, filters, stabilization, and much, much more. There is even a chapter on working with Final Cut Pro X and rigging.  Finally, you will learn how to output the results of all your hard work.
By the conclusion of this training video, you will be fully versed in using Apple Motion 5 to enhance your own video productions. This computer based training video comes complete with extensive working files to allow you to work alongside the author as he trains you on Apple Motion 5.

Total Time: 10 hours

Sample Content

Table of Contents

01. Introduction
    0101 Introduction
    0102 Motion Specific Techniques
02. Interface
    0201 Project Browser And Workspace Overview
    0202 Adding Files To The Project Pane
    0203 Timing Pane
    0204 The Canvas Viewing Preferences And Expose
    0205 HUD And The Inspector
    0206 The Library
    0207 Preferences
    0208 Gestures Trackpad Vs Wacom
    0209 Toolbar Tools
    0210 Toolbar Objects And Effects
    0211 The Paint Stoke Tool And Shapes
03. Project Management
    0301 Project Browser Blank Projects And Presets
    0302 Working With Templates
    0303 Saving And Archiving
    0304 Creating Templates
04. Basic Compositing
    0401 Layers And Groups
    0402 Layer Properties
    0403 Blending Modes And Opacities
    0404 Clone Layers And Reflections
    0405 Editing On The Timeline
    0406 Working On The Timeline
    0407 Mini Timeline
    0408 Group Tracks
    0409 Markers
05. Behaviours
    0501 Behaviour Overview
    0502 Applying Behaviours
    0503 Modifying Behaviours
    0504 Timing
    0505 Simulations And Stop
    0506 Offset
    0507 Parameter Behaviours
    0508 Custom Behaviours
    0509 Converting Behaviours To Keyframes
06. Keyframes
    0601 Keyframe Overview And Recording
    0602 Keyframes In The Timeline
    0603 Keyframe Editor
    0604 Curve Sets And Curves
    0605 Mini Curve Editor
    0606 Animating On The Fly
    0607 Keyframing Thinning
07. Masking And Keying
    0701 Mask Basics
    0702 Mask Editing And Image Masks
    0703 Chroma Keying
    0704 Luminance Keys
    0705 Mask And Key Project
08. Particles
    0801 Particle Anatomy
    0802 Library Particles
    0803 Parameters Emitters
    0804 Parameters Particles
    0805 Multiple Particles
    0806 Particle Effects Masks Behaviours
    0807 Custom Particle Systems
09. Replicator
    0901 Replicator Overview
    0902 Library Replicators
    0903 Replicator Parameters
    0904 Creating Replicators
    0905 Sequence Behaviour
    0906 Masks Filters And Behaviours
    0907 Managing Custom Replicators
10. Working With Text
    1001 Creating And Formatting Text
    1002 Advanced Formatting
    1003 Glyph Tool
    1004 Type On And Off
    1005 Sequence Behaviour
    1006 Scroll And Crawl
11. Generators
    1101 Generators
    1102 Text Generators
12. Filters
    1201 Rasterization
    1202 Adding And Creating Filters
    1203 Filter Demo
13. Motion Tracking And Stabilizing
    1301 Motion Tracking Basics
    1302 Parameter Tracking And Match Move
    1303 Two Point Tracking
    1304 Four Corner Pinning
    1305 Shape Tracking
14. Audio
    1401 Working With Audio
    1402 Keyframing Audio
    1403 Audio Behaviours
    1404 Audio Parameter Behaviour
15. Working With FCP X And Rigging
    1501 Rigging Intro
    1502 Checkbox Widgets
    1503 Popup Widgets
    1504 Slider Widgets
    1505 Project Snapshots
    1506 FCP X Filters
    1507 FCP X Generators
    1508 FCP X Transitions
    1509 FCP X Titles
    1510 FCP X Template Locations
16. Sharing
    1601 Share Menu
    1602 About The Author


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