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Learning Autodesk Mudbox ( 2012 - 2013 )

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Learning Autodesk Mudbox ( 2012 - 2013 )

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-359788-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-359788-2

In this training course for Autodesk® Mudbox™ 2012, expert Brian Mennenoh is your guide to this powerful software, used to sculpt 3D characters and models. Designed for the beginner, you will learn from the ground up how to apply the various tools and techniques available to achieve the best results possible. You will follow a single project through from start to finish, with each step building on the previous, until you have a completed model.
You will start learning Mudbox with a tour of the interface, but quickly move into some basic techniques for sculpting and painting. Once the groundwork has been laid, Brian takes you through the creation of a model from the ground up, with each section introducing a new tool or technique. Through the course of this video tutorial, you will build the entire body, from toes to fingers to hair, in intimate detail. This tutorial is as much an anatomy lesson as it is a software training course! You will paint your model, create accessories, pose it, and finally prepare it for export to 3DS Max and rendering.
By the completion of this computer based training video on Mudbox 2012, you will deeply understand the sculpting process for a 3D model. You will be familiar with the tools available in this software, and how to use them to achieve the result you want. More than 9GB of working files are provided by the author, allowing you to work alongside him each step of the way.

Total Time: 9.5 hours

Sample Content

Table of Contents

01. Introduction And Project Overview
        0101 Welcome
        0102 Using The Project Files
02. Intro To Mudbox
        0201 Interface
        0202 Mouse Nav
        0203 Tablet Pen Nav
        0204 Mudbox Meshes
        0205 Sculpting Basics
        0206 Sculpt Layers
        0207 Painting Basics
        0208 More Paint Tools
03. Using Mudbox To Sculpt The Model
        0301 Sending To Mudbox
        0302 Blocking Upper Body Masses
        0303 Blocking Arms
        0304 Abs And Lower Back
        0305 Blocking Thigh
        0306 Calf And Shin Blocking
        0307 Feet Blocking
        0308 Adjusting The Face
        0309 Refining The Chest And Deltoid
        0310 Refining The Back
        0311 Refining Upper Arm
        0312 Refining Forearm
        0313 Refining The Palm
        0314 Refining The Thumb
        0315 Refining The Back Of Hand
        0316 Refining The Thigh
        0317 Refining The Hamstrings
        0318 Refining The Calf And Shin
        0319 Refining The Gauntlets With Curves And Steady Stroke
04. Using Mudbox To Paint The Model
        0401 Painting The Base Color
        0402 Adding New Paint Layers
        0403 Adding Color Variation
        0404 More Color Variation
        0405 Painting The Gauntlets
        0406 Adding Specular Highlights
        0407 Adding Gloss And Reflection Masks
        0408 Fine Tuning Materials
05. Mudbox For The Accessories
        0501 Importing New Objects
        0502 Sculpting And Painting The Loin Cloth
        0503 Fitting The Boot
        0504 Sculpting The Boot
        0505 Painting The Boot
        0506 Painting The Buckle
        0507 Importing And Starting The Sword
        0508 Adding Details To The Sword
        0509 More Sword Details
        0510 Painting The Sword Grip
        0511 Painting The Sword Metals
        0512 Finishing The Sword
06. Using Mudbox For Hair
        0601 Importing The Hair And Starting Sculpting
        0602 Sculpting The Hair
        0603 Painting The Hair
        0604 Finalizing The Hair
07. The Eye
        0701 Importing And Sculpting The Eye
        0702 Painting The Whites Of The Eye
        0703 Painting The Iris
        0704 Painting The Rim Of The Iris
        0705 Extracting Normals From Eye
08. Posing In Mudbox
        0801 Posing In Mudbox
09. Fine Tuning
        0901 Fine Tuning The Face
        0902 Fine Tuning Around The Eyes
        0903 Fine Tuning Cheeks
        0904 Fine Tuning Lips
        0905 Adding Pores And Texture
        0906 Fine Tuning Eyebrows And Lips
        0907 Fine Tuning Hands
        0908 Adding Nipples And A Belly Button
        0909 Fine Tuning The Wrinkles
        0910 Adding Vascularity
10. Sending The Mesh Back To 3ds Max
        1001 Extracting Normal Maps
        1002 Exporting Obj Files
        1003 Exporting Fbx Files
        1004 Using The Send To Button
        1005 Correcting The Boots In 3ds Max
        1006 Importing Obj Into Max And Applying Materials
        1007 Importing Fbx Objects Into Max
        1008 Render And Mesh Comparisons
11. About The Author
        1101 About The Author


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