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Learning Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013

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Learning Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-359826-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-359826-1

In this training course for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013, expert author and trainer Jay Polding walks you through the essentials of this BIM (Building Information Modeling) software from Autodesk. This training video is designed for the beginner, and no previous experience using Revit is required.
Jay starts with a general tour of the Revit interface. You will learn where the most important tools that you will use are located, and how to quickly access them. Throughout this video tutorial, you will work through one single project, learning each tool as you go along and as you need it. You will start learning the software by creating a project, linking and using the CAD files, and proceed to Toposurfacing, creating and managing walls, floors, stairs, the roof, ceilings, doors, rooms, creating schedules, views, and sheets, and finally rendering, and sharing your finished model.
By the completion of this video based training course for Revit Architecture 2013, you will be comfortable with the tools and techniques needed to create fully featured models for your buildings. Working files are included to let you work alongside the author throughout this tutorial.

Total Time: 6.5 hours

Sample Content

Table of Contents

01. Introduction
    0101 Introduction And Working Files
    0102 About The Author
02. User Interface
    0201 Application Menu, Ribbon, QAT
    0202 Options Bar, Status Bar And Properties Palette
    0203 Project Browser And Drawing Area
    0204 Zooming And Navigation Tools
03. Project Setup
    0301 Installing Revit 2013
    0302 Template
    0303 Project Origin
    0304 Project Location
    0305 Preparing CAD Files
    0306 Linking CAD Files Into Revit
    0307 True And Project North
    0308 Levels
    0309 Phases
04. Toposurface
    0401 Create Toposurface
    0402 Edit Toposurface
    0403 Create And Edit Building Pad
05. Walls
    0501 Foundation Walls And View Range
    0502 Retaining Walls And Visibility Graphics Overrides
    0503 Exterior Walls
    0504 Parapet Walls
    0505 Curtain Walls
    0506 Interior Walls
    0507 Editing Walls
06. Floors
    0601 Floor Sketchmode
    0602 Editing Floors
07. Stairs
    0701 Stair By Sketch
    0702 Edit Stair By Sketch
    0703 Stair By Component
    0704 Edit Stair By Component
    0705 Edit Railings
    0706 Create Railing
08. Roofs
    0801 Create Roof
    0802 Edit Roof
    0803 Attach Walls To Roof
09. Ceilings
    0901 Create Ceiling
    0902 Edit Ceiling
    0903 Ceiling Bulkhead
10. Doors
    1001 Add Doors
    1002 Edit Doors
    1003 Add And Edit Windows
    1004 Add Curtain Wall Doors
11. Adding Components
    1101 Finding Components
    1102 Trees And Array
    1103 Site Furniture
    1104 Lighting Fixtures
    1105 Furniture, Fixtures And Groups
12. Rooms
    1201 Room Object
    1202 Room Object Properties
13. Schedules
    1301 Room Schedule
    1302 Sheet List
    1303 Schedules On Sheets
    1401 Duplicating Views
    1402 3D Section Box
    1403 Camera
    1404 Elevations
    1405 Sections
    1406 Close Hidden Windows And Tile
15. Sheets
    1501 Making Sheets
    1502 Views Onto Sheets
    1503 View Scale And View Size
    1504 Crop Region
    1505 Activate View On Sheet
    1506 Viewport Titles
16. Visibility Settings
    1601 Hiding And Revealing Elements
    1602 The Sunglasses
    1603 Visual Styles
    1604 Visibility Graphics
    1605 Visibility Graphics Of Imported CAD
    1606 Underlay And Linework Tool
17. Model Refinement
    1701 Refine Topography
    1702 Wall Joins
    1703 Wall And Roof Types
    1704 Materials
    1705 Workplanes And Model Text
18. Rendering
    1801 Rendering And Adjusting
    1802 Refining The Rendering
    1803 Rendering To The Cloud
19. Detailing
    1901 Sections And Callouts
    1902 Detail Components
    1903 Filled Regions
    1904 Detail Lines
    1905 Text
    1906 Dimensioning
20. Printing And Exporting
    2001 Printing
    2002 Export To CAD
21. Collaboration
    2101 Introduction To Revit Linking
    2102 Introduction To Worksharing And Worksets


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