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Mac 0S X Disaster Relief: Troubleshooting Techniques to Help Fix It Yourself

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Mac 0S X Disaster Relief: Troubleshooting Techniques to Help Fix It Yourself

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-201-78869-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-78869-3

Ted Landau, founder of the MacFixIt Web site, has made a career of helping others keep their Mac OS machines running happily. In Mac OS X Disaster Relief, the author of the bestselling Sad Macs, Bombs, and Other Disasters trains his diagnostician's eye on Apple's new-from-the-ground-up operating system. Full of tips, tools, and preventative measures, this easy-to-follow guide not only gives you specific solutions to a raft of Mac OS glitches, it also helps you prevent disasters and sharpen your own diagnostic skills.

The same philosophy that underlies Sad Macs operates here: You canfix most Mac problems yourself. What you get are smart, common sense solutions and sound maintenance advice, delivered in plain English. But just because Mac OS X Disaster Relief eschews jargon doesn't mean it lacks depth: the book covers OS X's new features, the pros and cons of updating system software, Library directories and folders, files and font maintenance, crash prevention and recovery, printing and networking problems, Unix commands for OS X, and more.

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Problems with OS X Files: Open, Copy, Delete, and Beyond

Table of Contents

1. Why Mac OS X?
Why Did Apple Need a New OS? A Brief History of Mac OS X.

2. Getting Started: Installing Mac OS X.
What Do You Need to Install and Run Mac OS X? How Do You Install/Reinstall Mac OS X? Using Software Restore. Updating Mac OS X. Troubleshooting Mac OS X Installation. Uninstalling Mac OS X.

3. Using Mac OS X: An Overview.
The Dock. The Finder. System Preferences. Applications and Utilities. Show Info Window. Applications and Their Accessory Files.

4. Understanding Mac OS X: In Depth.
The Layers of Mac OS X Aqua. The Layers of Mac OS X: Application Environments. The Layers of Mac OS X Graphics Services. The Layers of Mac OS X Darwin. Domains: An Overview. The Libraries of Mac OS X /System/Library. The Libraries of Mac OS X: /Library. Libraries of Mac OS X: Users/“Home” /Library. Fonts in Mac OS X Font Formats. Fonts in Mac OS X Working with Fonts.

5. Crash Prevention & Recovery.
Uh-Oh! The Startup Sequence of Events. Alternative Mac OS X Startup Paths. Startup Crashes. Application Crashes. Log Out, Restart, or Shut Down Stalls/Crashes. Solving Mac OS X Crashes.

6. Problems with Files: Open, Copy, Delete, and Beyond.
Opening and Saving: Opening Files. Opening and Saving: Saving Files. Opening and Saving: Problems Opening Files. Copying and Moving: Copying vs. Moving vs. Duplicating Files. Copying and Moving: Problems Copying and Moving Files. Aliases and Symbolic Links. Deleting: Using the Trash. Deleting: Problems Deleting Files. Invisible Files: What Files Are Invisible? Invisible Files: Making Invisible Files Visible (and Vice Versa). Invisible Files: Working with Invisible Files. Maximizing Performance. Quick Fixes.

7. Troubleshooting Printing.
Printer Support in Mac OS X. Installing Printer Drivers. Setting up Printing with Print Center. Printing. Printing from Classic. When Documents Fail to Print. Printing Quick Fixes.

8. Troubleshooting Networking: File Sharing and Internet.
Network and Connection/Port Types. Setting up System Preferences: Network. Setting up System Preferences: Internet. Setting up System Preferences: Users. Setting up System Preferences: Sharing. Using Connect to Server. Troubleshooting File Sharing and Internet.

9. The Classic Environment.
What Is the Classic Environment? How to Install and Configure Classic. Using Classic. Troubleshooting the Classic Environment. Classic Quick Fixes.

10. Unix for Mac OS X Users.
Understanding Unix. Unix: Listing and Navigating. Unix: Changing Permissions. Unix: Copy, Move, and Delete. Executing Unix Commands. Other Unix Commands. Beyond This Chapter.



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