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Making iMovies

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Making iMovies


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  • Copyright 2000
  • Pages: 156
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-201-70489-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-70489-1

Scott Smith is a senior editor at RES: The Magazine of Digital Filmmaking, where he reports on trends in digital video production. An experienced filmmake and animator, he is also a founding partner of Silver Planet Studio, creator of digital effects for dozens of feature films including director Frank Grow's Love God and Tood Solondz's latest film, Happiness. His last book was The Film 100, a ranking of the msot influential people in the history of cinema.


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Table of Contents

1. Storytelling tips.

Stories Are Everywhere. Storytelling Is About Structure. Dramatic Structure. Getting Your Story Started. Shoot First, Structure Later. Circumvent the Script. Storyboards. Using iMovie to Structure Stories. The Clip Shelf. Lesson: Building Storyboards in iMovie. Lesson: Importing PICT and JPEG Images. Showing and Telling.

2. Shooting techniques.

Neighborhood Moviemaking. Shoot It Locally, Show It Globally. Use Actors You Already Know. Spare Every Expense. Shooting for the Web. Some Shots Are Not Web-Friendly. Think About Contrast. Use Close-ups in Your Compositions. Silhouette Vital Scenes of Action. Issues with Camera Movement. Dressing up for DV. Using Your DV Camcorder. Stand Still, Shut Up, and Focus. Stand Still. Shut Up. Focus. Know Your Camera. Looking Like a Pro. Tips on Lighting. Recording Ambient Noises for Sound Effects. Composing Your Shots. Framing Within the Frame.

3. Importing footage.

Why FireWire Is So Hot. How Digital Video Works. Importing Clips into iMovie. Is the Camera Connected? Complete Control of Your Camcorder. Selecting Footage for Import. Batch Capturing by Timecode. Maximum Length for Captured Footage. Capturing Live Video from a Camera. When Space Runs Out. Renaming Clips. Deleting Clips. Viewing Your Footage.

4. Cropping clips.

Viewing Clips. Selecting Clips for Preview. Time Markers Using the Clip Markers. Lesson: First Impression.

5. Adding sound and music.

Audio in Perfect Sync. Selecting Sounds in the Audio Timeline. Changing the Audio Settings. Selecting from the Sound Effects Collection. Lesson: The Flower of Love. Importing Other Audio Files. Other Ways of Importing Audio Files.

6. Adding titles and transition effects.

Use Effects Sparingly. Titles for Movies. How Titles Work in iMovie. Setting the Duration of an Effect. Setting the Direction of the Animation. Selecting a Font for Your Titles. Choosing the Color of Your Titles. Previewing Your Effect. Lesson: Adding Titles to Movies. How Transitions Work in iMovie. Lesson: Adding Transitions to Movies.

7. Saving your movie.

Saving Your Project Files. Exporting Your Finished Movie. Exporting to Mini-DV Tapes. Making a Copy on a VHS Tape. Exporting to QuickTime. Saving Your Movie for CD-ROM. Saving Movies for the Web. Using the Experts Setting.

8. Preparing video for the Web.

Sending Movies over the Internet. File Size and Compression. Using the iMovie Web Settings. Presenting Your Movie on the Web. Movie Players and Plug-Ins. QuickTime 4. RealPlayer. Windows Media Player. Web Sites Where Movie Watchers Go. Posting Movies for Download. Preparing Video for Streaming. Making the Tutorial Movies. Troubleshooting. Web References.


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