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OS X Mountain Lion: Video QuickStart

OS X Mountain Lion: Video QuickStart

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Videos can be viewed on: Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and all versions of Macintosh OS X including the iPad, and other platforms that support the industry standard h.264 video codec. Requires the free QuickTime Player software.


Chapter 1

New Finder Features

The Finder is where it all begins. Learn how Mountain Lion's improved Finder makes working with files easier than ever before.

Duration: 00:04:05  File Size: 19 MB


Chapter 2

Using the App Store and Software Update

Apple significantly improved the Mac App Store in Mountain Lion. Find out how to access the Mac App Store, buy apps, and stay current with updates.

Duration: 00:04:17  File Size: 35 MB


Chapter 3

Understanding and Configuring Gatekeeper

Learn how to protect your Mac from malware such as viruses with Gatekeepers, which checks that the applications you buy and download are secure.

Duration: 00:02:28  File Size: 11 MB


Chapter 4

Screen Sharing improvements

With Mountain Lion's screen-sharing capabilities, you can view the desktop of other Macs on your network. See how to control other Macs from whatever Mountain Lion computer you are working on.

Duration: 00:03:09  File Size: 25 MB


Chapter 5

Turning on AirPlay Mirroring

Learn how to set up AirPlay, which lets you wirelessly stream whats on your Mac screen to your HDTV via Apple TV.

Duration: 00:02:11  File Size: 8 MB


Chapter 6

Setting Up Twitter Integration

Twitter is tightly integrated with Mountain Lion. See how to set up, sign in, and send tweets from OS X 10.8.

Duration: 00:03:38  File Size: 20 MB


Chapter 7

Using Dictation

Discover how to start using Mountain Lion's built-in voice-recognition tools to dicate text into documents and reminders.

Duration: 00:02:27  File Size: 8 MB


Chapter 8

Working with Auto Save and Versions

Apple introduced Auto Save and Versions in Lion. Learn how Mountain Lion improves on these features to let you continuously save changes to your document and create versions of saved documents.

Duration: 00:06:00  File Size: 44 MB


Chapter 9

Creating Documents Locally or on iCloud

Apple's iCloud services use a different approach to the cloud than other services you might be familiar with. Find out how to store and access your files using Apple's unique take on the cloud.

Duration: 00:03:24  File Size: 17 MB


Chapter 10

Renaming and Duplicating Documents

Using the Renaming and Duplicating commands is a common chore. See how Apple has changed how you use these commands in Mountain Lion.

Duration: 00:02:03  File Size: 14 MB


Chapter 11

Using the Changed Save As Under Mountain Lion

See how Apple brought back the Save As command for Mountain Lion and how it works a bit differently than you might have grown accustomed to.

Duration: 00:03:48  File Size: 10 MB


Chapter 12

Using the Sharing Features

Mountain Lion includes an extremely useful feature for sharing documents with others. Learn how to easily share an open document with others.

Duration: 00:03:33  File Size: 23 MB


Chapter 13

Using Notification Center

Discover how to keep track of alerts, events, tweets, incoming mail, and more with Mountain Lion's new Notification Center.

Duration: 00:04:56  File Size: 19 MB


Chapter 14

Working with Calendar

Along changing its name from iCal to Calendar, Apple has added several useful features to its calendaring application. Learn how to manage your days with Mountain Lion.

Duration: 00:02:26  File Size: 7 MB


Chapter 15

Using Reminders

Do you use Reminders on your iPhone? Now your can keep track of lists and to-do items in Mountain Lion with the new Reminders application.

Duration: 00:05:05  File Size: 17 MB


Chapter 16

Working with Notes

Find out how to use the Notes app to write, store, and search through your personal jottings.

Duration: 00:02:32  File Size: 11 MB


Chapter 17

Using Contacts

You probably knew it as Address Book in earlier version of the OS. It's now named Contacts, and learn about the new controls you have over how Contacts displays information and how to sync contacts across your OS X and iOS devices.

Duration: 00:01:06  File Size: 5 MB


Chapter 19

Looking at Mail Improvements

See what's new in Mail, Apple's essential email application in Mountain Lion, including how to fine-tune notifications of incoming mail.

Duration: 00:02:07  File Size: 8 MB


Chapter 20

Working with Messages

Messages, the application formerly known as iChat, got spruced up Mountain Lion. Discover how to tap Message's unique capabilities.

Duration: 00:04:09  File Size: 12 MB


Chapter 21

New Features in Safari

Mountain Lion comes with a slick new version of Safari. Learn the new Safari handles searches, tabs, and more.

Duration: 00:04:08  File Size: 22 MB


  • Copyright 2013
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-326137-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-326137-0

With each update, Apple makes OS X better and better. The latest edition, Mountain Lion, includes a handful of Apple's popular apps from the iPad and iPhone and make using OS X even easier. This video is exactly what you need to get up to speed with Mountain Lion; its short, engaging lessons show the OS X's new features in action and illustrate how to buy apps through the Mac App Store, protect your Mac from malware, set up AirPlay, use voice recognition, take advantage of iCloud service, and more. Along the way, the video covers Mail, Messages, Safari, Reminders and other essential OS X tools. About the trainer: Tom Negrino, a longtime contributor to Macworld magazine, has authored more than three dozen books, including Visual QuickStart Guides for iCloud, Keynote, and PowerPoint; Styling Web Pages with CSS: Visual QuickProject Guide; and the best-selling Dreamweaver CS5: Visual QuickStart Guide. He lives in Northern California with his wife (and frequent coauthor) and their exceptionally wonderful cat.


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