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Real World Adobe Photoshop 6

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Real World Adobe Photoshop 6

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  • Copyright 2001
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-201-72199-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-72199-7

Adobe Photoshop is the tool of choice when preparing images for print or the Web, and the new version 6.0 promises new tools to create vector-based shapes, layer styles, enhanced layer management, new type formatting controls, updated color management, and much more.

Real World Photoshop 6 is the only book that explicitly covers the production issues Photoshop users deal with every day. Richly illustrated and in full-color throughout, the book is entirely updated to cover the new features of Photoshop 6.0, on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. It explains the essential concepts and techniques for producing high-quality, professional images quickly and efficiently, covering in depth the key Photoshop tools - not only how to use them, but also why and when. Real World Photoshop 6 is destined to become a well-thumbed reference for graphic designers, illustrators and production professionals.


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Essential Photoshop 6 Tips

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Overview: The Big Picture.

Contents: What's Inside.

Foreword: Photoshop Conquers the World.

Preface: Photoshop in the Real World.

Ask Your Partner. The Depth of Understanding. How the Book is Organized. A Word to Windows Users. Thank You!

1. Building a Photoshop System: Putting It All Together.

Hardware. The Power of Photoshop.

2. Essential Photoshop Tips and Tricks: Making Photoshop Fly.

Upgrading to a New Version. Windows. Navigation. Moving Pixels. Dialog Boxes. Tools. Palettes. Preferences. The World of Photoshop.

3. Image Essentials: It's All Zeros and Ones.

Words, Words, Words. Bitmapped Images. Resolution. How Much Is Enough? Terms of Resolution. Resampling. Image Size Dialog Box. Image Mode. Bitmaps and File Size. Billions and Billions of Bits.

4. Color Essentials: What Makes a Color.

Primary Colors. The Color Wheel. How Colors Affect Each Other. Device-Independent Color. Color Relationships at a Glance. Working with Colors.

5. Color Settings: Configuring Photoshop's Color Engine.

Controlling Color. Color Management Systems Explained. Color Management in Photoshop. Photoshop Color Changes at a Glance. The Conceptual Framework. Photoshop and the Monitor. Creating a Consistent Environment. Evaluating Your Monitor. Color Settings. How White are your Whites? Printing to Desktop Printers. Choosing a CMYK Working Space. Canned versus Custom Profiles. Dot Gain: Coping with Midtone Spread. Choosing a Grayscale Working Space. Spot Spaces. Color Management Policies. Profile Warnings. Color Settings Advanced Mode. Black Is Black (or Is It?). Applying Profiles Outside Color Settings. Soft-Proofing Controls. CIE Limitations and Soft Proofing. Converting at Print Time. Isolating Variables.

6. Tonal Correction: Stretching and Squeezing the Bits.

Stretching and Squeezing the Bits. Difference is Detail: Tonal-Correction Issues. Tonal-Correction Tools. The Histogram. The Info Palette. The Nonlinear Advantage. Levels and Curves. Levels. Input Levels. Curves. White Points and Black Points and Grays, Oh My! The Math Behind the Eyedroppers. Tonal Correction in Practice. Tonal Magic.

7. Color Correction: Thinking in RGB and CMYK.

Changing Modes and Losing Information. RGB versus CMYK. CMYK Myths. Image Correction and Targeting. Color-Correction Tools. The Color Balance Command. Are All Color Casts Bad? Interpreting RGB and CMYK Values. Color Correction in Practice. Truth in Imaging. Correcting Color Balance with Eyedroppers. Correcting an Old Photo CD Image. Color is Personal.

8. The Digital Darkroom: Photographic Techniques in Photoshop.

Adjustment Layer Basics. Using Adjustment Layers. Darkroom Experiments.

9. Sharpening: Getting an Edge on Your Image.

Unsharp Masking. How the Unsharp Mask Filter Works. Correction versus Targeting. Correcting for Input. Sharpening for Output. Working the Controls. Image Detail and Sharpening Radius. Unsharp Masking Tricks. Beyond Unsharp Masking. Avoiding the Crunchies.

10. Spot Colors and Duotones: Special Inks for Special Projects.

Spot-Color Channels. Multitone Images. Photoshop's Duotones. Adjusting Screen Colors. Setting Curves. Curves Is Curves. Turning Grayscale to Color. Simulating Spot Colors in CMYK. Saving and Outputting. Converting from Duotone to CMYK Mode. Billions of Shades of Gray.

11. Line Art: Dreaming in Black and White.

Scanning Prescreened Art. Perfect Forms.

12. Scanners: The Right Tool for the Right Job.

Scanners. Digital Cameras. Photo CD. From Photons to Pixels.

13. Capturing Images: Good Data In, Good Data Out.

What Makes a Good Scan (and Why You Should Care). Getting a Good Scan. Software Tools. Photo CD Revisited. Is That All There Is?

14. Selections: Paths, Masks, and Channels.

Masking-Tape Selections. Selection Tools. Floating Selections. Selections from Channels. Quick Masks. Anti-Aliasing and Feathering. Channels. The Select Menu. Selections and Layers. Paths. Step-by-Step Silhouettes. Masks, Channels, and Life.

15. Essential Image Techniques: Pushing Pixels into Place.

The Color of Grayscale. Retouching. Compositing Images. Vectors versus Pixels. Text and Typography. Drop Shadows. Filters and Effects. Rescreens. Actions. New Techniques.

16. Storing Images: Managing Files for Fast Production.

Save As Options. Saving and Opening Images. File Formats. File Formats for Print. TIFF versus EPS. File Formats for Multimedia and the Web. Macintosh File Types and PC Extensions. Niche File Formats. Compressing Images. Lossy versus Lossless. To Compress or Not to Compress. Archiving. From Photoshop to the Future.

17. Output Methods: Getting It Printed.

Contone versus Halftone. Halftones. Screen Settings: What Overrides What? The Rule of Making Halftones in Photoshop. Contone Output. Hybrid Color Screening. Hi-Fi Color. Image Differences. Imaging from Photoshop. Imaging from a Page-Layout Program. Getting It Out.

18. Multimedia and the Web: Purposing Pixels for the Screen.

Preparing Images. Saving Your Images. More Web Tools. The Future of Publishing.

Image Credits and Permissions.

Production Notes: How We Made This Book.


Author! Author!: Where to Reach Us.


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