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Real World Adobe Photoshop CS

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Real World Adobe Photoshop CS

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  • Emphasis is both on concepts and techniques—The “why” with the “how”.
  • Written by industry experts and authors in desktop and Web publishing.
  • Updated to cover Photoshop CS' newest features—16-bit editing, support for nested layers, a new Match Color function, and more.
  • Hands-on production techniques, tips, and shortcuts for building professional real-world skills.


  • Copyright 2004
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-24578-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-24578-6

Noodling around with Photoshop to create interesting composite artwork is all well and good. But if you rely on Photoshop to meet tough production challenges in a fast-paced professional environment, noodling won't cut it! You need results, and you need them now: This book delivers! In this copiously illustrated volume, best-selling authors David Blatner and Bruce Fraser offer scads of hands-on production techniques--as well as clear explanations of the concepts that drive them--so that you can get the best results possible on your own Photoshop CS projects. You'll learn about managing color, getting great scans, correcting tones and colors, and more. You also find complete coverage of all of Photoshop CS' newest features: an improved File Browser; nonsquare pixel support; cool, new Photomerge technology (which allows you to create seamless panoramas out of multiple images); and more. Throughout, the emphasis is on efficiency: the time-saving tips and professional shortcuts that will allow you to work faster, smarter, and more creatively with Photoshop CS.

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Table of Contents

 1. Building a Photoshop System.

 2. Essential Photoshop Tips & Tricks.

 3. Image Essentials.

 4. Color Essentials.

 5. Color Settings.

 6. Tonal Correction Fundamentals.

 7. Color Correction Fundamentals.

 8. Selections and Channels.

 9. The Digital Darkroom.

10. Sharpening.

11. Spot Colors and Duotones.

12. Line Art.

13. Capturing Images.

14. Building a Digital Workflow.

15. Essential Image Techniques.

16. Storing Images.

17. Output Methods.

18. Multimedia and the Web.


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