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Real World Digital Video, 2nd Edition

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Real World Digital Video, 2nd Edition


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Practical coverage of the entire production process–Covers choosing equipment, capturing images and sound; editing, post production, effects, distribution, and more.

~Gives students a single source for all the techniques they need to be effective in any stage of the DV production process. 

Examples drawn from realistic business, personal, and creative projects–Examples include product demos, news-style interviews, documentaries, event coverage, scripted presentations, experimental and fictional short films, and more. 

~Teaches students through the use of projects they are most likely to be involved with.

DVD library of forms, templates, and checklists for effective process–Includes templates for shot plans, checklists for purchasing or renting equipment, and much more. 

~Gives students the tools they need to create DV efficiently and inexpensively<197>and helps them avoid the errors that inexperienced video creators often make.

Thorough coverage of distribution via and distribution via tape, DVD, or streaming Internet media–Walks students step-by-step through preparing content for distribution, and then distributing it. 

~Prepares students to distribute their content by whatever means is most appropriate and cost-effective.

Detailed glossary–Contains detailed glossary defining today’s most important DV terms.

~Gives students a convenient, reliable reference for unfamiliar terminology.

Web links and resources section–Provides dozens of Web links for additional information about DV production, technology, and related issues.

~Helps students find reliable, up-to-date sources for additional information.


  • Copyright 2004
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-23833-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-23833-7

You never thought you'd be shooting a corporate training video as part of your job as HR manager, but, well here you are--with a camcorder, a directive, and not a clue how to begin! You--and the many people who find themselves in similar situations--need this volume! Realizing that you're expected to provide professional results regardless, the authors of this volume dig deep into every phase of the DV production process: from capturing images and sound to editing, post-processing, adding special effects, and distributing the final product. Special emphasis is placed on the industrial-strength techniques that will get you up to speed quickly on the hardware and software advances that have occurred since the last edition. You'll find new sections on shooting and post-processing film-look (24p) and HDTV video, as well as special coverage of the latest eye-popping special effects. A companion DVD includes demo video clips, award-winning short films, interviews with DV pros, and lots more goodies.



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10 Ways to Shoot a Chair

For Instructors


Download a Sample Syllabus (Word doc).

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapters

DV Technology and the Camcorder

DV Technology and the Camcorder

Real World Digital Video: Shots and Shot Plans

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Download the Sample Chapter
Shots and Plans

Table of Contents


1. All You Can Achieve with Digital Video.

2. Yes, You Need a Script.

3. DV Technology and the Camcorder.

4. Using Your Camcorder Like a Pro.

5. Shots and Shot Plans.

6. Lighting for DV.

7. Sound on the Set.

8. Preproduction.

9. On the Set.

10. In the Cutting Room.

11. Polishing Sound and Images.

12. Distribution and E-Publishing.

13. Coming Attractions.

Appendix A. Digital Video Technology in Depth.

Appendix B. Selecting and Building an NLE System.


References and Web Links.



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