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Real World QuarkXPress 5

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Real World QuarkXPress 5

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  • NEW - Fully updated for QuarkXPress 5—Coverage of new Web design tools, new Layers palette, new Table tool, using QuarkXPress with XML, new features for long documents, and more.
    • Shows students how to take advantage of the major enhancements built into the newest version of QuarkXPress.

  • “Learn QuarkXPress in 30 minutes” for the new user.
    • Teaches students the very basics of working in QuarkXPress in one assignment.

  • Companion Website—FAQs, Book updates, QuarkXPress Resources, Project files for “Learn QuarkXPress in 30 Minutes”, and other resources for students. URL:
    • Keeps students updated with the latest information about working in QuarkXPress.

  • Comprehensive Reference Guide—Recommended by Quark's Technical Support Department.
    • Great for students who are serious about developing industry-ready job skills in the graphics industry.


  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-201-35492-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-35492-8

David Blatner's friendly, easy-to-read style has turned this book (formerly known as The QuarkXPress Book) into the world's number-one best-selling reference on QuarkXPress. At many design firms and schools it's considered required reading. If you're a beginner,this book will help you get up to speed fast. And if you're an advanced user, Blatner's tips,tricks,and techniques will turn you into a raging, inexorable QuarkXPress speed demon.

When you buy this book, you also get access to the members-only Real World QuarkXPress Web site, where you can find the hottest tips, latest updates,and coolest downloads.

Real World QuarkXPress 5 offers a collection of tips and tricks, a full overview of the program, and in-depth discussions of core concepts behind using QuarkXPress in the real world of deadlines and production workflow. David Blatner begins with a 30 minute step-by-step beginners guide to learning QuarkXPress. From there, readers will learn about the structure of Quark from the ground up. Topics covered include: Quark basics (working with menus, palettes, and dialog boxes), building a document; creating and exporting HTML Web pages, including interactive rollovers; building tables with the new Table tool; managing the Layers palette; assigning hyperlinks; collecting fonts and color profiles; working with character styles; and extending Quark's power and flexibility by using AppleScripts.


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Web Resources

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The Real World QuarkXPress 5 Book site

Sample Content

Table of Contents

QuarkXPress Secrets.

The Amazon Explorers.

A Word to Windows Users.


The Birth of an Upgrade. Hardware and System Software Requirements. QuarkXPress and You.

1. Learn QuarkXPress in 30 minutes.

Pages, Views and Guides. Text and Text Formatting. Graphics, Colors, Frames, and Lines. Printing. How to Really Sound Like You Know What You're Talking About.

2. QuarXPress Basics.

First Steps in Quarking. Know Thy Program. File Management. QuarkXPress's Interface. After You Click OK. Getting Around Your Document. Manipulating Your Document. Changing Defaults. Document and Application Preferences. QuarkXPress from Zero to Sixty.

3. Tools of the Trade.

Items and Contents. Item Creation Tools. Bèzier Boxes and Lines. Manipulating Items. Relationships Between Items. The Layers Palette. Linking. Guides and Rulers. Frames, Dashes, and Stripes. Tables. Libraries. Moving On.

4. Building a Document.

Building a New Document. Master Pages: Elementary. Automatic Text Boxes. Master Pages and Document Pages. Master Pages and the Document Layout Palette. Making Pages. Modifying Your Pages. Automatic Page Insertion. Multipage Spreads. Sections and Page Numbering. Automatic "Continued ..." Pagination. Foundations.

5. Word Processing.

Entering and Editing Text. Importing Text. Finding and Changing. Spelling Checker. Watching Your Words.

6. Type and Typography.

Fonts and Font Management. Character Formatting. Type Styles. Color and Shade. Horinzontal and Vertical Scaling. Kerning and Tracking. Paragraph Formatting. Alignment. Indents. Leading. Space Before and After. First Baseline. Tabs. Hyphenation and Justification. Setting Your Own H&J. Widow and Orphan Control. Baseline Grid. Fine-Tuning Type. Kerning and Tracking Tables. Tweaking Hyphenation. Special Characters. Typographic Special Effects. Texting Greeking. Putting It Together.

7. Copy Flow.

Style Sheets. What Word Processor To Use. Exporting Text. A Solution: Xpress Tags. BBEdit and Other Text Editors. Getting Your Stories Straight.

8. Long Documents.

Books. Lists. Indexes. Putting It Together.

9. Pictures.

Graphic File Formats. Importing Pictures into QuarkXPress. Working with Pictures. Picture Management. Dynamically Updating Images. Greeking and Suppression. Page as Picture. Image on the Half Shell.

10. Fine-Tuning Images.

The Picture File. Modifying Images. The Style Menu. Contrast. Clipping Paths. Halftones. Many Colorful Shades of Gray.

11. Where Text Meets Graphics.

Transparency. Text Runaround. Anchored Boxes. Paragraph Rules. Poking and Prodding.

12. Color.

What You See and What You Get. Describing Color. Specifying Color. Multi-Ink Colors. Special Colors. Colors Palette. Blending Colors. Trapping. Color from Outside Sources. Deciding to Work in Color.

13. Printing.

Postscript. Deciphering the Print Dialog Box. The Document Tab. The Page Setup Tab. The Output Tab. The Options Tab. Setting Bleeds. The Preview Tab. Page Setup, Printer, and Properties. Print Styles. Color Seperations. Working with an Imaging Center. Troubleshooting. "Job Finished"

14. Going Online with QuarkXPress.

HTML and Web Browsers. Exporting Your Content. Web Documents and File Structure. Creating Web Pages. Building the Web Page. Previewing Your Pages. Hyperlinks. Rollover Images. Image Maps. HTML Forms. Exporting Your Page as HTML. Importing HTML. Xpress Page as Picture. Adobe Acrobat. The Future of Publishing.

Appendix A. Color Management.

Managing Color. Before You Use QuarkCMS. Using QuarkCMS. The QuarkCMS About Pictures. Using Hexachrome Color. Color Management at Print Time. Pros and Cons.

Appendix B. Macintosh vs. Windows.

File Names, Types, and Creators. What Does (and Doesn't) Transfer. Modern Myths.

Appendix C. Xtensions and Resources.

Appendix D. Scripting.

Getting Scripting Information. Writing a Script. Looking at a Script. Stuff You Should Know About. More Scripts. The Future of Scripts.

Appendix E. XML Tools.

Seperating Content and Form. XML Basics. Quark's XML Tools. The Open Street.

Appendix F. Xpress Tags.

Appendix G. ANSI Codes.



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