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TechTV's Guide to Home Networking, Broadband and Wireless

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TechTV's Guide to Home Networking, Broadband and Wireless

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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2654-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2654-4

Internet-connected refrigerators, electronic pens that record and send your written message to your PC, wearable computers-all are examples of the latest technology gadgets designed to improve our lives. There are also appliances we're more familiar with-the home stereo, PC with email, and VCRs-whose usability could be improved exponentially, when networked to other appliances. Each chapter of Easy Living in the Digitally Connected Home presents a new piece of hardware or software, explains a networking concept needed to use and network the home appliance featured, and includes a separate section entitled "I Bet You Didn't Know" that highlights new uses for common applications, the Web or other appliances.

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Home Networking with Windows XP

Table of Contents


1. Home Networking Basics.

Today's Home Network. Cutting-edge Networking Technologies. Introducing the Microsoft Flagship Operating System—Windows XP.

2. Getting Your Hands Dirty: Assembling Your Network Hardware.

What You'll Need to Get Started. Networking Options. Networking Standards. Setting Up Your Network Backbone. Network Hardware. Putting It All Together.

3. The Softer Side of Network Setup.

Home Networking with Windows XP. Working with Windows XP Plug and Play. Behind Every Good Network Adapter Is a Good Software Driver. Sorting Through Local Area Network Protocols. Enabling Network Services. Uninstalling Network Adapters, Protocols, Clients, and Services.

4. Putting It All Together.

Access Privileges. Overview of Network Configuration. Setting Up Your Computer and Workgroup Names. Configuring File and Print Sharing. Configuring Windows XP for Peak Performance.

5. Sharing Precious Disk Space.

Sharing Information. Setting Up Shared Drives and Folders. Locating Network Resources. Mapping a Network Drive. Monitoring Shared Resources.

6. Maximizing Your Printer Investment.

Overview of Windows XP Printing. Installing a Local Printer. Sharing Your Printer with the Rest of Your Home Network. Connecting to Your Network Printer from Other Computers. Windows XP Print Management. Installing the Windows XP Fax Service.

7. Becoming Your Own Network Administrator.

Administering Your 802.11x Wireless Network. Overview of Windows XP Security Administration. User Administration and Logon Management. Establishing Quotas. Working Securely. Forgetting Your Password. Working with Events Logs.

8. Going Online.

High-Speed Always-On Cable and DSL Connections. Installing Your High-Speed Internet Connection. Dial-Up Modem Installation. Setting Up Shared Internet Access. Protecting Your Home Network with a Personal Firewall. Testing Your Home Network's Vulnerability to Hacker Attack.

9. Remote Access: Don't Leave Home Without It.

Understanding Remote Access. Understanding How Dial-up Access Works. Setting Up a Dial-Up Server. Setting Up a Dial-up Client. Understanding Virtual Private Networking. Setting Up a VPN Server Connection. Setting Up a VPN Client Connection.

10. Just When You Thought Your Work Was Done.

Basic System and Network Administration. Troubleshooting Windows XP Home Networks. Seeking Help.

Appendix A. Windows XP Networking Commands.

IPCONFIG. NETSTAT. PING. TRACERT. Net Accounts. Net Config. Net Continue. Net File. Net Help. Net Helpmsg. Net Localgroup. Net Name. Net Pause. Net Print. Net Send. Net Session. Net Share. Net Start. Net Statistics. Net Stop. Net Time. Net Use. Net User. Net View.

Appendix B. TCP/IP Basics.

TCP/IP's Beginnings. Communicating With TCP/IP. Understanding How IP Addressing Works. Managing TCP/IP on a Windows XP Network.

Appendix C. A Tour of TechTV.

Audience. Web Site. International. Network Program Guide. Big Thinkers. Call For Help. CyberCrime. Extended Play. Eye Drops. Fresh Gear. Future Fighting Machines. Max Headroom. The Screen Savers. The Tech Of…. Tech Live. Technogames. TechTV's Titans of Tech. Tomorrow's World.




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