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Word 2002 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

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Word 2002 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide


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  • Task-based—Information is broken down into concise, one- and two-page tasks.
    • Allows students to learn the most important tasks of a program or operating system and get right to work on any project. Ex.___

  • Step-by-Step—Numbered, easy-to-follow instructions.
    • Succinct numbered instructions provide a logical approach to learning tasks. Ex.___

  • Visual Reference—Plenty of screen shots illustrate the step-by-step instructions.
    • Visually demonstrates and reinforces the instructions for a particular task as the students work at their computers. Ex.___

  • Quick Reference Tabs—Tabs on each page identify the task.
    • Easy for the instructors and students to find a particular task and makes these texts useful after the course ends. Ex.___

  • Shaded sidebars.
    • Sections that call attention to important features and additional helpful information. Ex.___

  • Tips.
    • Highlighted through the book offer author advice, time-saving shortcuts, and pointers for students who want a further understanding of the program. Ex.___

  • Industry-leading Authors.
    • Many of the authors are industry-leading teachers, writers, and designers, providing students with expert, professional training. Ex.___

  • Value-priced.
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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9"
  • Pages: 328
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-201-75845-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-75845-0

To call the latest version of Microsoft Word a mere word processor would be an insult to this powerful software package. Learn how to produce everything from simple letters to fully functional Web pages without ever quitting out of Word with Word 2002 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, the must-have companion to this updated Office stalwart.

You can use the flexible, task-based guide as a tutorial or as a quick reference; hundreds of screenshots ensure you’ll never be at a loss as you follow the straightforward steps. Newcomers to Word can start with the basics---text, formatting, and printing--before moving on to objects, tables, and outlines. Word veterans can use the book’s tabbed format to skip straight to specific sections--say, taking Word to the Web--or to quickly brush up on advanced topics, such as working with others (collaborating on documents, tracking changes, and protecting documents) and using other programs with Word (inserting PowerPoint slides into a Word document, for example).


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Table of Contents

1. The Word Workplace.

Meet Microsoft Word. The Word Screen. The Mouse. Menus. Shortcut Keys. Toolbars. The Task Pane. Dialogs. Views. Document Navigation. Windows. The Office Assistant. Word Help.

2. Word Basics.

Word Processing Basics. Running Word. Exiting Word. Word Documents, Templates, & Wizards. Creating Documents. Opening Existing Documents. Entering Text. Formatting Marks. The Insertion Point. Inserting & Deleting Text. Click and Type. Selecting Text. Editing Selected Text. Copying & Moving Text. Paste Options. The Office Clipboard. Undoing, Redoing, & Repeating Actions. Find & Replace. Saving Documents.

3. Formatting Basics.

Formatting Basics. Revealing Formatting. Font Formatting. Applying Font Formatting. Paragraph Formatting. Applying Paragraph Formatting. Tabs. Page Formatting. Applying Page Formatting.

4. Advanced Formatting.

Advanced Formatting. Character Spacing. Drop Caps. Changing Case. Bullets & Numbering. Borders & Shading. The Format Painter. Styles. AutoFormat. Page, Section, & Column Breaks. Columns. Headers & Footers.

5. Writing Tools.

Word's Writing Tools. The Spelling & Grammar Checkers. AutoCorrect. The Thesaurus. Hyphenation. Word Count.

6. Printing Documents.

Printing Documents. Page Setup. Print Preview. Printing.

7. Inserting Text & Graphics.

Special Elements. AutoText & AutoComplete. Word Fields. Symbols & Special Characters. Footnotes & Endnotes. Files. Pictures. Working with Graphic Objects.

8. Outlines.

Outlines. Building an Outline. Rearranging Outline Components. Viewing Outlines. Working with an Outline in Another View. Creating a Table of Contents.

9. Tables.

Tables. Creating a Table. Anatomy of a Table. Selecting Table Cells. Entering & Formatting Table Information. Inserting & Deleting Cells. Merging & Splitting Cells & Tables. Resizing Columns & Rows. Using AutoFit. Table Headings. Table AutoFormat. Removing a Table.

10. Envelopes & Labels.

Envelopes & Labels. Creating an Envelope. Creating Labels.

11. Mail Merge.

Mail Merge. The Mail Merge Wizard. Creating or Opening a Main Document. Creating or Opening a Data Source. Completing a Main Document. Previewing the Merge. Completing the Merge.

12. Working with Others.

Collaboration Features. Document Properties. Comments. Versions. Change Tracking. Document Protection.

13. Using Other Programs.

Using Word with Other Programs. OLE Objects. Using Excel with Word. Using PowerPoint with Word. Using Outlook with Word.

14. Web Pages.

Web Pages. Creating a Web Page. Editing Text. Formatting Text & Pages. Hyperlinks. Working with Web Page Files.

15. Setting Word Options.

The Options Dialog. View Options. General Options. Edit Options. Print Options. Save Options. User Information Options. Compatibility Options. File Locations Options. Security Options. Spelling & Grammar Options. Track Changes Options.

Appendix A: Menus & Shortcut Keys.

File Menu. Edit Menu. View Menu. Insert Menu. Format Menu. Tools Menu. Table Menu. Window Menu. Help Menu.



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