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Rating Clips

You can rate any selection (including a whole clip) in one of two ways: You can rate it as a Favorite or you can rate it as Rejected. While this “in or out” system may seem overly simplistic, it’s a great way to quickly identify the most fundamental identity of your footage.

To mark a clip as a Favorite

  1. Select a clip or a portion of a clip red_circle-a.jpg.


    red_circle-a.jpg Select the range you want to rate.

  2. Click the Mark Favorite button red_circle-b.jpg, or press F.

red_circle-b.jpg Click the Mark Favorite button to rate the clip favorably.

The selection is marked as a Favorite, and a green bar is added to the clip’s filmstrip red_circle-c.jpg.


red_circle-c.jpg The rated section is marked with a green bar in the filmstrip, and a Favorite item is added to the clip in list view.

To reject a clip

  1. Select a clip or portion of a clip red_circle-d.jpg.


    red_circle-d.jpg Mark the area you want to reject.

  2. Click the Reject button red_circle-e.jpg, or press Delete.

red_circle-e.jpg Click the Reject button in the toolbar.

The selection is marked as Rejected, and a red bar is added to the clip’s filmstrip red_circle-f.jpg.


red_circle-f.jpg The rejected section of the filmstrip is marked in red.

Rejecting a clip doesn’t delete it from the event. It merely marks it with the Rejected tag. You can, of course, also delete a clip, which will remove it from the event, and if it’s the only instance of that clip (in other words, it doesn’t appear in another folder or project), the source file is moved to the trash.

To delete a clip from an event

  1. Select a clip or a range of a clip (or a group of clips) red_circle-g.jpg.


    red_circle-g.jpg Select the items you want to delete.

  2. Press Command-Delete.

    The clip is removed from the event.

    If the clip being deleted is the last remaining instance in that event, a warning will appear red_circle-h.jpg.


    red_circle-h.jpg A warning will appear if you’re deleting the only instance of the clip.

  3. Click OK.

The clip is removed from the event, and the file on disk is moved to the trash.

To select a rated area

  • Click directly on the colored bar in the clip’s filmstrip red_circle-i.jpg.

red_circle-i.jpg You can select a marked range by clicking the colored bar.

The marked range becomes selected red_circle-j.jpg.


red_circle-j.jpg Click the bar to select the specific area.

Unrating Clips

Sometimes you may change your mind about a clip’s rating, or you may find you’ve accidentally rated the wrong portion of a clip. Fortunately, you can unrate a clip as easily as you can rate it.

To unrate a clip

  1. Select the rated clip, or select a range equal to or greater than the rated range red_circle-k.jpg.


    red_circle-k.jpg To unrate a clip, you must select a range equal to or longer than the range you’re unrating.

  2. Click the Unrate button red_circle-l.jpg, or press U.

red_circle-l.jpg Click the Unrate button in the toolbar.

Any ratings within the selection are removed red_circle-m.jpg.


red_circle-m.jpg Any rated section within the selected area is unrated.

Restricting the View

One of the most powerful aspects of the clip rating system is that the Event Browser view can be filtered to hide clips marked Rejected, to show only those marked as Favorites, and so on.

When such a filter is applied, Clip view is updated dynamically. For example, if your view is set to Hide Rejected, rejecting a clip (or a portion of a clip) makes that rejected bit disappear from the window.

It’s not gone forever—you can get it back by changing the filter setting. But often hiding it automatically that way is a great, quick way to weed out the junk and limit your Event Browser view to show just the good stuff.

To restrict the Event Browser view by rating

  • Click the Filter pop-up menu, and choose one of the following settings:
  • All Clips (Control-C) red_circle-n.jpg


    red_circle-n.jpg Choose a filter from the Filter pop-up menu.

  • Hide Rejected (Control-H)
  • No Ratings or Keywords (Control-X)
  • Favorites (Control-F)
  • Rejected (Control-Delete)

The Event Browser is filtered to show only the clips described in the filter setting.

These filters are saved with the event, collection, or folder in the Event Library. Selecting a different item in the Library will potentially switch the filter setting.

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