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Brian WoodCreating Vector Art with Adobe Shape and Adobe Illustrator
With the release of Adobe Shape, capturing inspiration in the form of vector art just got easier. Adobe Shape traces images you capture from different sources and the resulting vector artwork can be shared with others or brought to Illustrator and edited. In this article, web developer Brian Wood looks at how Adobe Shape works and follows an Adobe Shape to Illustrator workflow.
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By Brian WoodFeb 26, 2015
Golden KrishnaThe Best Interface Is No Interface: An Interview with Golden Krishna
User Experience Designer Golden Krishna talks to Peachpit about his new book, The Best Interface Is No Interface: The simple path to brilliant technology , why the screen isn't always the best answer, imagining more elegant answers beyond the screen, and the best and worst examples of user interfaces.
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By Golden KrishnaFeb 12, 2015
Transition or Animation: Which One Should You Use?
CSS animations and transitions can be used to create a variety of effects on websites. In fact, you can usually create any effect from either a transition of animation. Steven Bradley helps you decide which one should you choose and why.
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By Steven BradleyFeb 5, 2015
Chad CheliusVideo: Top 5 Features of Adobe Illustrator CC (2014 release)
Adobe Certified Instructor and Learn by Video presenter Chad Chelius shares his top 5 features of Adobe Illustrator CC (2014 release).
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By Chad CheliusFeb 2, 2015

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Laura RossLive Twitterview with Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker

Join authors Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker for a lively Twitterview about interactive project management on May 10.

By Laura RossCommentsMay 3, 2012
Topics: Web Design & Development
Ben WaldieMac Productivity: Quick Scripts and Workflows - Convert Rich Text to Image

Your wife’s surprise birthday party is tomorrow.  You’ve prepared a top notch slideshow on your Mac using Keynote, and transferred it to your iPad.  Great!  Now you can present directly from the iPad.  There’s only one problem.  The fonts in your presentation are no longer appearing properly because the iPad doesn’t have all the same fonts your Mac does.  It looks like you might have to lug your Mac along too.  No, with Automator’s help, you can just replace the problem text with images.  Here’s how...

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By Ben WaldieCommentsApril 23, 2012
Topics: Apple,Operating Systems,Web Design & Development,Productivity
Laura RossLive Twitterview with Ian Devlin

Take a look at HTML5 in an action-packed Twitterview with HTML5 Multimedia: Develop and Design author Ian Devlin on December 8.

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By Laura RossCommentsDecember 5, 2011
Topics: Web Design & Development
Keeping Your Joomla! Web Site Secure

A Joomla! web site is no more or less secure than any other CMS or custom developed web site. All web sites are vulnerable to malicious attacks, hackers, and spammers if you don't take the necessary steps to protect them. Securing a Joomla web site is as important as it is simple, just follow the checklist outlined in this article.

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By Marni DerrCommentsOctober 24, 2011
Topics: Web Design & Development

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