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Alan Hess

You can create great product photos using the Nikon Speedlights. This chapter from Mastering Nikon Speedlights: A Complete Guide to Small Flash Photography and the Creative Lighting System shows what is possible, whether using a single flash or many. Alan Hess walks you through the gear you need, shows how to set up the shot, and even discusses suggested camera and flash settings.

Alan Hess

In this chapter from Mastering Nikon Speedlights: A Complete Guide to Small Flash Photography and the Creative Lighting System, Alan Hess discusses lighting for photographing portraits of people, including classic lighting strategies, hard versus soft light comparisons, advice for using one and multiple lights, and, finally, approaches for taking environmental portraits where the location needs to be lit as well as the person.

Nicole S. Young

Nicole S. Young explains that creating an amazing-looking dish is an art, whether you eat it or photograph it, and you can do a lot of little things to enhance the look of the food and (ideally) make people salivate when they view your photographs.

Syl Arena

In this chapter from Speedliter's Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites, 2nd Edition, Syl Arena will take you through many of the types of light you can create with a single Speedlite. Ultimately, it is your imagination and willingness to experiment that will be your guide.

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Brad Yale

I'm a New Yorker. I've loved it all my life. Now, while I am not a professional photographer, I am a smartphone snapper. In this regard, here are some tips for taking excellent mobile photos of the greatest city in the world.

Brad Yale

I don't own a camera outside of my smartphone. I can't remember the last time I owned a camera and I have never once considered myself a photographer. Outside of snapping some mobile pics to throw on Instagram, my photographer cred is pretty nil.

This being said, after spending last week in Las Vegas for Photoshop World 2015 where I spent more time watching people take photos, snap selfie headshots of themselves and following around Mr. Peter Hurley to watch a master at work, here are my bulletproof idiot tips for taking an amazing headshot. 

For much better tips, pick up Mr. Hurley's new title, "The Headshot".

Valerie  Witte

For three days in August, thousands of photographers, designers, exhibitors, educators, and learners descended upon Vegas for Photoshop World 2015. This year, Peachpit, along with KelbyOne, was out in force, introducing readers to great content and instructors, and having a blast in the process. Here are my top five highlights of the show.

Brad Yale

As mobile photography - smartphone photography - has gotten better and better, the advance of easy to shoot panorama photography has crept into the mobile photo landscape. With this in mind, we want to take this time to highlight some tips for taking cool panoramic mobile photos.

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