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Digital Photography


Jerod Foster

It is essential that you understand not only how to control the professional modes, but why you are controlling them. In this chapter from Nikon D7200: From Snapshots to Great Shots, Jerod Foster describes these modes, including Programmed Auto mode, Shutter Priority mode, Aperture Priority mode and Manual mode.

Tim Cooper

In this chapter from HDR Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, Tim Cooper shows you how to prepare your images for the HDR process using Adobe Lightroom.

Rob Sylvan

Understanding the relationship between the Lightroom catalog and your photos will help you avoid the most common pitfalls faced by new users. Rob Sylvan, author of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (2015 release) / Lightroom 6 Learn by Video, shows you how prevent your folders and photos from becoming disconnected from the Lightroom catalog, and how to fix things if they do.

Robert Correll

In addition to being a photographer and an author (Photo Restoration: From Snapshots to Great Shots), Robert Correll is the parent of four creative and energetic kids. Follow along as he shares some of the secrets he uses to teach them how to take better photos.

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Brad Yale

As mobile photography - smartphone photography - has gotten better and better, the advance of easy to shoot panorama photography has crept into the mobile photo landscape. With this in mind, we want to take this time to highlight some tips for taking cool panoramic mobile photos.

Brad Yale

I know, there is a stigma against smartphone photography. For all the die hard Canon or Nikon fans out there, I can understand your feelings when it comes to taking and composing a photo - a good photo - with a smartphone. The entire idea of taking a photo with a phone just seems, so, transient, fleeting and silly.

While I understand the consternation, I also believe a good photo is a good photo regardless of how it was taken. For this reason, I endorse smartphone photography. More specifically, I want to make it better.

In this light, here are some tips for making your mobile photography better.

Valerie  Witte

Do you need help with common portrait challenges like lighting and posing? How do you work with your subjects to get photos they are truly happy with? Whatever your portrait-making needs, we have you covered! Here are a few books to get you started.

Valerie  Witte

Whether you’re exploring a nearby town or wandering far off the beaten path, these books will show you how to capture the photos of your trip that you really want. Just remember to have fun—making great images in the process!

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