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Digital Photography


Julieanne Kost

Julieanne Kost, author of Passenger Seat: Creating a Photographic Project from Conception through Execution in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, shares her thoughts on finding inspiration for your endeavors -- the key is to make sure that you continuously view the world around you with fresh eyes.

Raphael Concepcion

RC Concepcion, author of The HDR Book, shows you how to add texture effects to your HDR images inside of Photoshop.

Raphael Concepcion

RC Concepcion, author of The HDR Book, talks about some post-processing effects stacking that you can do in Lightroom CC (2015 release).

Raphael Concepcion

RC Concepcion, author of The HDR Book, shares a few techniques on working with layer masks inside of Photoshop for HDR.

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Jamie Shoup

Adobe announced the newest generation of the Adobe Creative Cloud, its suite of software and Web-based services for the creative community, available immediately.

The IT Professional division of Pearson is excited to align to the announced with a product suite of 8 titles planned for the Creative Cloud (2017 release) from the world’s greatest authors and series from Adobe Press and Peachpit. The new products offer training and inspiration to all user levels and cover a broad range of topics within the Creative Cloud.

Ben Waldie

There are tons of apps that allow you to manipulate images on your Mac.  iPhoto and Preview are two from Apple, and there are lots more available from the Mac App Store and third-party software vendors.  What you may not know, however, is that you don’t need a third-party app to do some basic image manipulations with your existing operating system.  Using Automator, you can create your own custom image processing plug-ins, which you can run right within the Finder.

Joe McNally

Question: Joe, on page 1 of Chapter 1 in "The Moment It Clicks" is an image of a ballerina on a very steep roof, being photgraphed by someone. Is that you? What is the deal on this shot? Where and how was it done, and how was the ballerina protected from falling off? Thanks.

Joe McNally

Question: I am on a very limited budget and every month I treat myself to some kit. I have a Pentax with a 360 flash and some reflectors, and started buying correcting Gels etc. For me to become proficient with flash lighting, what's the minimum amount of flash units I could get away with -- e.g. 2 or 3-- in order to develop my skill set? I am still using my 18-55 kit lens and can probably save for for a better one, but I am inclined to want to get another flash unit in order to get really good at this. I also bought a Honl 1/4 grid and thinking about a 1/8 as well to slowly build up my kit.

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