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Bonny Pierce LhotkaPreparing for the Shoot When Hacking a Digital Print
In this chapter from Hacking the Digital Print: Alternative image capture and printmaking processes with a special section on 3D printing, Bonny Lhotka shows you how to make filters and screens by hand to alter a scene, including making a bracket to hold filters, using two tripods, combining images, and creating custom tools.
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By Bonny Pierce LhotkaFeb 19, 2015
Todd SipesUrban Exploration Photography: When to Shoot
Light is the key to every photograph. Photography itself is technically just the art of capturing light. Within the genre of UrbEx photography, when you choose to capture light will directly correlate with the quality of your final photo. Whether you’re shooting at blue hour, at golden hour, in broad daylight, or under a full moon, the quality of light can make or break a great composition, as Todd Sipes explains in this chapter from Urban Exploration Photography: A Guide to Creating and Editing Images of Abandoned Places.
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By Todd SipesJan 27, 2015
Martin EveningMartin Evening on Essential Business Skills for Professional Photographers
In this chapter from Photographers at Work: Essential Business and Production Skills for Photographers in Editorial, Design, and Advertising, Martin Evening discusses some business basics for professional photographers, including developing good production skills, setting a day rate, estimating the true cost of running a business, estimating and quoting on a job, setting terms and conditions, paying attention to details, invoicing and expenses, dealing with clients, dealing with identity theft, working with lawyers, working with image library subscriptions, and understanding copyright.
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By Martin EveningJan 21, 2015
Video Production 101: Design and Execution
In this chapter from Video Production 101: Delivering the Message, learn the importance of several areas where exacting standards and attention to detail are needed to complete a polished, interesting piece of work. Casting your project, designing it, costuming it, and lighting it are all key steps to creating a work worth seeing, thinking about, and talking about.
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By Antonio Manriquez, Thomas McCluskeyJan 8, 2015

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Sara Jane ToddInterview with Featured Flickr Photographer Sandra Tinari

Every month in our Photography newsletter, we feature the work of a new photographer who has contributed to our Photography Newsletter Flickr group. This month, we chose the photo “Sunset Paddle” by UK-based photographer Sandra Tinari.

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By Sara Jane ToddCommentsJuly 30, 2013
Topics: Digital Photography
Sara Jane ToddPhotographer John Batdorff Answers Your Questions about the Nik Collection

During John Batdorff’s presentation on a recent Peachpit Photo Club, many of you had loads of questions about the Nik Collection by Google.

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By Sara Jane ToddCommentsJuly 17, 2013
Topics: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom,Digital Photography,Digital Cameras,Image Editing,Adobe Photoshop
Sara Jane ToddInterview with Featured Flickr Photographer Tony D. Locke

Every month in our Photography newsletter, we feature the work of a new photographer who has contributed to our Photography Newsletter Flickr group. This month, we chose the photo “Daffodils in the Morning Fog” by Pacific NW-based photographer Tony D. Locke, MM.

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By Sara Jane ToddCommentsApril 23, 2013
Topics: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom,Digital Photography,Adobe Photoshop Lightroom,Image Editing,Adobe Photoshop,Image Editing,Adobe Photoshop
Laura RossLive Twitterview with Stacy Pearsall

Join combat photojournalist Stacy Pearsall for a fascinating Twitterview about the techniques, guidance, and inspiration needed to succeed in the field of photojournalism.

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By Laura RossCommentsMarch 19, 2013
Topics: Digital Photography

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